Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Katie wanting to be a baby, too...

I came into the family room today to this site...

I think Katie is feeling a little bit like chopped liver lately. Yesterday she climbed into the sleeping portion of the pack n play, but today that clearly wasn't good enough. She actually climbed into the changing station on the pack n play and sat there staring at Mom and me. She eventually stretched out and took a brief nap until we needed it to change a diaper. What a site!!

Monday, April 28, 2008

2 Months Old!!!

Well, is it two months old or 8 weeks old? Technically 2 months would be May 2nd since they were born on March 2nd. Don't know, don't care.

Anyway, these are the latest photos of Jack and Avery at 8 weeks old. I can't believe it's been 2 months already. I bet I'll be saying that when they are 18 and heading off to college...

No smiles, but no frowns either :) Heaven forbid they'd both smile at the same time so here is Jack smiling - And here is Avery smiling -
And Jack's famous sad face, that lip was the first thing the doctor and nurses commented on when he was born...he came out with that lip sticking out -
Nana was changing Jack and talking sweetly to him. Katie got a bit jealous and managed to climb up into the pack n play with Jack so that Nana would talk sweetly to her as well. Nana couldn't resist and snapped this photo -

Photo Shoot with Anna

We schedule a photo shoot for this last Friday to get pictures of the little ones. Jack was a perfect gentleman and thoroughly enjoyed having his picture taken. Avery was fussy and had an upset stomach and didn't cooperate much at all, but we got pictures nonetheless. Court took some pictures of Anna taking pictures but she mostly got shots of Jack because she got called away for a work emergency so we only have one photo of Avery...

Tulip Festival

We made the 2 hour drive to the Skagit Valley to check out the tulips on Sunday. It was a great drive, but ended up taking a little over 3 hours with stops for feedings along the way. I so jealous of people who get more than 2 hours between feedings. I keep hearing that these two little ones should be getting to an age where they will go 3 or more hours between feedings. I can't wait for that day. When they are on different schedules I swear I can only get about an hour before I have to park it and feed a baby...

Anyway, here are a few pictures of the tulips. They are so colorful and beautiful, it almost looks fake.

There really are babies under these blankets...it was raining and fairly chilly so we had Jack and Avery covered up. This is a funny story...I totally had it coming to me, too. We got back to the car and the babies were hungry so I got into position. We brought the boppy so I could feed both babies at once. While they were eating Jack had a major blow out in his diaper. I didn't want to get out in the rain and change his diaper in the back of the Pilot so I figured I could quickly change him on my lap if I was fast. I opened his diaper and had a very big mess on my hands. Court was handing me wipes fast and furiously. I got mostly done with the clean up and was getting ready to swap out dirty diaper for clean diaper when the pee stream started. I threw a wipe over him but got peed on a bit anyway. I said out loud to Court and Stef, "I am so flirting with disaster right now."
No sooner had I said that when I heard a toot and all hell broke loose. I will spare you the photos of the actual mess, but let me tell you it was a fantastic mess. The boppy was not spared, nor was I, and to top off the blow out all over me, I got peed on AGAIN all over my shirt. I was laughing so hard tears were running down my face and I was completely unable to help myself. Anyway, the picture below is what I got to ride home with for the 2+ hour ride home. Stef was kind enough to give me her shirt ( she had a sweatshirt, too) so I didn't have to sit in my wet one all the way home. The moral to this story is that it's never safe to change a baby's diaper on your lap....no matter what!! The other moral of the story is that as important as it is to carry a change of clothes for the babies, it's equally important to carry a change of clothes for yourself!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

Recent Photos: Visit with Suzie, Birthday Party, Baby Maggie

Auntie Suzie visited last week and cuddled with Miss Avery -

Baby Maggie -
Uncle Julian, Cousin Hansen, Auntie Maren and Jack -
Cousin Susan and Avery -
Cousin Lillie and Hansen and the twins -

Auntie Steffie opening presents with the help of Hansen and Lillie -

Grandpa opening presents -

Bath time!!!

Avery getting a bath from Nana. She really enjoys bathtime...there's almost a smile on her face in this shot.

I'm so relaxed.....
Jack used to scream all the way through his baths, but now he enjoys them. He almost has a smile on his face, too.
What a cute little face that is!!

7 Weeks Old

Here are a few pictures of the little ones...
It's a rare moment when I can get a picture of both Jack and Avery awake and alert...
I thought I'd try Jack in the Exersaucer since he seems to enjoy bouncing on my lap so much. He has a few more inches to grow before his feet will touch the ground, but he seemed to enjoy being in it for a few minutes anyway!
Avery hanging out with Auntie Steffie.

April 21, 1974

Happy Birthday, Stef!!! We hope you have a wonderful day...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

A New Video - Another Suzie Production

Thank you Suzie. We love the footage. Keep it rolling.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Recent Photos

As promised, here are some pictures of Jack sucking his thumb. He was so asleep that it was falling out of his mouth. The following picture shows his bruised thumb. The last photo is Avery in her dots. I thought it was cute that she was in a polka dot outfit sitting in a boppy with polka dots...

Thursday, April 3, 2008

4 Weeks 4 Days Old - One Month Check Up

We have our one month check up today. What an experience. Between Avery's blowout on the exam table and peeing on the scale during her weigh-in and the drama of their shots, it was quite a day. Jack weighed in at 8lbs 11 ounces (gained 20 ounces in 14 days) and Avery weighed 8lbs exactly (19 ounce gain in 14 days). They are gaining very well and the passed all their tests with flying colors.

They have started to get a bit fussy the last few days which the pediatrician said is normal at their age. It should get better in the next few weeks.

Nana was out visiting this afternoon and had Jack on her lap. She noticed that Jack had discovered his thumb and was sucking it. We tried to get a picture (which I'll post later) but by the time we got it, he had lost his suck and it had fallen out. The funny thing is that Stef later noticed that little Jack's thumb was bruised...he sucked so hard he gave himself a bruise!! I had no idea they could do that. All I can say is if he bruised his own thumb in just a few minutes.....then poor me :)

That's all for now, I'll post a few pictures later...