Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Camping at Wenatchee Confluence State Park

We had a great time camping this weekend in Eastern Washington. We went with our friends, Regina and Suzie and their daughter, Katie. The weather was perfect, probably in the mid 70's both days. The mornings were a bit chilly, but as soon as the sun came out, it warmed right up. Here are some pictures from the weekend. Thanks to Suzie for some of the photos...

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Post from Jack...

Mom was too busy or exhausted (not sure which) to post an update, so I took it upon myself to update everyone. Laptops are so much fun!! Anyway, I cut my first tooth FINALLY yesterday/last night. It hurt like the dickens (not sure if I spelled that correctly) and as a result I felt better screaming when it hurt. My mom was nice enough to hold me and cuddle me while I screamed which made me feel a whole lot better. She gave me Tylenol, too. Tylenol is great for teething. She tried to put me back in my crib all night long, but my teeth hurt so badly I wanted to be close to her....so I screamed...and screamed...and screamed. Screaming is my specialty. I'm really really loud and I can get fairly dramatic as well. One day my mom will have to share some video of it. Anyway, I am proud that I finally have my first tooth, even if it is 2 months after Avery. She's such an overachiever.

The picture below is a recent shot of me. I'll try to give you a smile showing my new tooth next time.

See you later!


Saturday, September 20, 2008

Old Photos...

Wasn't Courtney the cutest little kid in the world? I got a new scanner and it's inspired me to dig out all kinds of old photos. This is one of my favorites!! She was 2 years old in this photo...
This is an undated photo of Court's mom. She was beautiful. I can see the the resemblance between Court and her mom in this picture. . .

I bet Court or Lloyd knows when this was taken, but I don't.
And here is a photo of Lloyd and Dale paddle fishing. They are some ugly fish...

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Jack's Belly Laugh

Volume Required!!

You'll have to watch it twice, it's so cute. I bet you laugh right along with him, there's no way not to!! The best part occurs in the first 30 seconds or so...

Friday, September 12, 2008

Pool Time

Ever since Jack and Avery played in Katie's pool over at Regina and Suzie's house, I've been wanting to get one for them. Nana was out yesterday and mentioned it. I called up our local Ace Hardware and sure enough, they had kiddie pools. I was off!! Within about 35 minutes, we had naked babies in the water. The weather was perfect for some pool time, almost 80 at about 4pm. Jack loved the creatures on the bottom of the pool and was intent on catching them...he didn't have much luck. Avery was perfectly content to play with her toys and lounge in her new pool!! What a life :)

The only bummer is that I don't think we can safely play in the pool this summer unless there is another adult around. Those little ones are so slippery, if you take your hands off them for a second they slip right onto their backs into the water. We never let it happen, but there were some close calls...

I was going to include some pre-pool naked shots, but Jack has yet to learn any discretion when it comes to being naked. I couldn't get a decent (pun intended) shot!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Anna Photo Shoot

Anne Crowley never disappoints!! She does an amazing job and gets some of the best shots of the babies. We love her. Thank you, Anna! We had the camper and boat at the house because we were getting ready for our annual Lake Wenatchee visit so she thought it would be cool if some of the shots included them. I think they turned out well...

It was so bright, Court couldn't handle it without her shades...
This is taken in their nursery.
The daisies were in bloom in the backyard which was a good setting. A few shots earlier, Jack had a daisy pulled up towards him ready to chomp!!
This will likely be their favorite spot when they get older
Cute little faces!!
And cute little butts!! Jack's on the left and Avery's on the right.
Jack's obsessed with his toes lately and Avery looks like she's doing the hang loose or rock on sign...not sure which.
Jack was squealing his little heart out here...and Avery is watching intently.
Two mellow babies for a split second.
I love those eyes.
I think he was talking here.
And smiling.
Look at that mischievous look...yikes.
This is one of his favorite expressions when he's having a good time. He does it when he jumps on your lap.
Smiling Avery!
I just love this naked shot of her
She loved the feel of the black silky blanket, she couldn't let go of it.
Oh, Michelin Baby!!
This is the same lace we used for belly shots of me when I was pregnant...how funny.

6 Months Old and 6 Month Appt

Our little babies are growing up. They are sitting up on their own...mostly. Jack is much taller than Avery but he's sitting in a crack in the couch so you can't tell. They had their 6 month appointment today and behaved very well. Avery didn't even let out a peep when she got her shots (only two this time because they are now combined). We kept her preoccupied with her raspberry teether and I think it worked well. I LOVE that thing!! Jack let out a holler but recovered fairly quickly. Thank goodness. I hate it when they freak out.

Here are the stats on the two:

Jack - 28 inches 95th Percentile
Avery - 25 1/2 inches 50th Percentile

Jack - 16 lbs 8 oz 50th Percentile
Avery - 15 lbs 1.5 oz 50th Percentile

Head Circumference
Jack - 44.5 cm 75th Percentile
Avery - 43.5 cm 90th Percentile