Friday, October 31, 2008

Recent Photos

Happy Halloween! We had an action-packed day today. We met Angelica, Stella, and Fiona and Cindi, Ian and Miles down at the Olympic Sculpture Park at lunch time for a quick visit. We dressed the little ones up for it so we could see all the cute costumes.

Avery wishing she could get out of her spider costume
Avery thinking, "maybe if I'm really cute and talk to myself, someone will get me out of this stupid thing!"

Jack in his Wilbur costume. He looks so cute in it.
He looks like he's wishing he could say something to me, maybe "Oh, you're going to be so sorry you put me in a pink pig costume when I turn 16. Paybacks!!"
The spider hat just didn't work, it kept falling over her eyes so this is one of few pictures with Avery wearing it.
Jack is more or less crawling. He's not very quick yet, but he can get where he wants to go. The cat and the dog are around in this shot so he's very motivated to move.
We tried blueberries on Thursday for dinner. Stef fed Avery and Nana fed Jack. Avery thought they might be a little bit tart, but she still ate them.
Jack's picture doesn't need an explanation...Jack's latest trick is grabbing hold of the rung of the chair and pulling it over onto himself.
And Jack wondering what the big deal is and why I'm freaking out...Angelica gave Fiona a little baby mohawk the other day and it inspired me to try it with Avery. She looks so cute with her mohawk. I think she likes it, too.
A side view of the mohawk
I tried to give Jack a mohawk but his hair didn't cooperate. You can see his new teeth in this shot.
Stef was helping me tidy up the other day and she organized their shoes in a nice little area. It struck me as something I will miss one day so I had to take a picture of it. For comparison purposes I put my slippers next to them.
I LOVE baby shoes. I think they are so cute.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

New Family Photos

We had so much fun taking pictures with Anna a week or so ago. She came out to our house and scouted out a few locations for photos. We ended up doing some of them in the back yard and a lot of them just down the road from our house. There are so many great shots, I can't share all of them here, but here are a few:
Jack and Avery on the front porch in their costumes (Wilbur and Charlotte)
The family Another one of the 4 of us This was a take on The Beatles photograph. There's something I love about this picture,
Court and me
Grandpa with Jack patting a post
Nana with Avery checking out the same post
Jack playing with Grandpa
The Ostergard girls (Stef, Maren, Mel)
Avery playing in the fire pit with Nana
The whole family (Back Row LtoR: Court, Mel, Stef, Preston, Maren, Julian -- Front Row LtoR: Nana, Avery, Grandpa, Jack, Hansen, Lillie)
The Ostergard-Slane Family (Julian, Preston, Hansen, Lillian, Maren)

I like this photo. This is of the Ostergard-Slane family doing the Lillie Pose, very cute!!

Monday, October 27, 2008

First Halloween - Let the fun begin!

We had an action packed day on Sunday at the Waterfront. The Aquarium has a trick-or-treating event for little ones and we started out there. The big kids trick-or-treated afterwards along the stores on the Waterfront. When we were done, we ate at Red Robin. Yum. Jack and Avery did amazingly well for such a long day. Neither of them will just fall asleep in their stroller, I think they are afraid they might miss something. After about 4 hours from their first nap they both started losing it. I nursed Avery and she passed out in about 2 minutes. She probably napped for about 30 minutes in Grandpa's arms while we were waiting for our food at Red Robin. Jack went down about when Avery was waking up, but true to his normal ways, he slept for about 5 minutes and was up again.

Below are pictures from the day. Blogger uploads pictures backwards so these are in reverse order and I'm too lazy/tired to fix it :)

Avery waking up from her nap. Thank you, Grandpa, for holding me while I slept. About 5 minutes after this was taken she took her chance when Court wasn't looking and dumped Court's Coke all over her lap!!
Jack sat in a restaurant high chair for the first time. He seems to like it. He kept sneaking Maren's menu away from her!
This was taken while the big kids were trick-or-treating. He enjoyed patting this statue.
Some of the group. Julian was Shrek, Lillie was an Ice Princess, Hansen was Jason, and I never heard exactly what Preston was but he wore a "Vote for Pedro" t-shirt. And Maren isn't pictured but she had little kitty ears on.
Preston holding Avery at the Aquarium. Such a good cousin he is!
Court and me with Wilbur (Jack) and Charlotte (Avery)
Stef and me with Wilbur and Charlotte
Avery and Jack trying to pose
Preston and Lillie doing a much better job!
Auntie Stef and her little piggy!
I love this picture of Stef and Preston
Grandpa with Jack and Nana with Avery. They are looking in the pond at the Aquarium. There are all kinds of creatures in there for older kids to touch. Jack and Avery didn't do any touching since their hands would have gone right into their mouths...ick.
Nana with Avery and Lillie
Grandpa with Jack
Everyone arriving in front of the Aquarium on a beautiful Fall day in Seattle.

Monday, October 20, 2008

No words....

You can't leave them for a second...

Luckily Jack doesn't put much of anything in his mouth for exploration purposes. I took the gate down because we've been moving some furniture around. I hadn't put it back up yet because they like to explore together in their walkers. I guess the gate needs to go back up!

Oh and you can see Jack's new toothies in the second to the last picture.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Woodland Park Zoo

Angelica invited us to join her at the zoo today. She, Stefan, Stella and Fiona were meeting up with another group of people and they were kind enough to include me. We had a great time. I highly recommend visiting the zoo on a weekday in the Fall. There was hardly anyone there. I ended up getting a membership while I was there because it's so much more cost effective. If Court and I take Jack and Avery 3 times in the next year, we will have paid for the membership. I know I'll be there many more times than that in the next 12 months.

We saw quite a few cool animals while we were there; only a few were hiding from us. The most surprising for me was seeing the Jaguar. It wasn't at all afraid of us and was sprawled out within feet of the glass wall. It shocked me to come around the corner and see it so up close and personal. At first I thought it was fake, but then he (I'll call it a he rather than an it) opened his eyes and lifted his head. He looked more interested in the little creatures in the stroller than anything else. I'm sure glad there was thick glass between us and him.

Do you think they could be teething?Pretty Flamingoes. One of Angelica's friends either works or worked at the zoo and had first hand knowledge of these pretty birds. She stayed around and gave us a personal presentation and answered all of our questions. Did you know that what looks like their knee joints is really their ankle? How crazy is that? They also only weigh about 5 or 6 pounds.
Here's Mr. Jaguar
This is a cute little lemur off in the distance. He's the orange/rust dot in the middle of the photo.
This is an orangutan that didn't really want to be bothered with us. When we got closer he layed (lay, lie, layed, whatever it is) down and stuck his back end in our face. Now there's a welcome for you!!Creepy python...he looked a little too interested in the babies, too.
The elephant was a bit shy. I chose the wrong time to take a picture, too. After I was done, he came out and showed his face.

And I would've had a last picture of Jack, Avery, Stella and Fiona, but the zoo personnel were not interested in waiting around for a photo op. She yelled to us that she was locking the gate and if we wanted out we'd better come...I guess I don't blame her since it was a few minutes past closing time.