Sunday, November 30, 2008

8 1/2 Month Photos

I'm fighting with blogger tonight trying to upload these photos and now that I've uploaded photos 3 times in a row to have it fail each time, I'm done for the evening. I have included the few pictures I could get uploaded. I will load more in the next day or so.

I also have pictures from our trip to Montana that I will share as soon as I get them off the camera. We got some really great pictures of Lloyd extracting honey that I want to post. It's a pretty cool operation.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Oregon Trip and Baths...

As always, we had a blast hanging out with Suzie, Regina and Katie. We managed to destroy their house in no time. I intended to take a picture of their poor living room, but forgot. There were toys covering the floor. Anything within Jack's reach had to find a new home. We arrived Friday afternoon/evening and just hung out. On Saturday, I was feeling pretty crummy from the cold I came down with so I wasn't moving very fast. We eventually got out of the house and made it to the outlet stores at Woodburn. I wish I had been feeling better because I would've done a lot of Christmas shopping while I was there. Some gentleman was walking around with a camera and he stopped us to ask if he could film Jack and Avery for the video he was making for the mall. We, of course, said yes. Maybe their first acting gig.... :)

The trip was too short as always. Suzie makes us feel so at home. She even had the fridge stocked with half & half for coffee in the morning. I don't think it gets any better than that!! We had to plan another get together before we left. Court nominated Fort Clatsop as the next destination in honor of her love for anything Lewis and Clark.

Suzie got Jack and Avery cute little shirts a while back that they are just now fitting into. You can see them wearing them below. Jack's says "Thing 1" and Avery's says "Thing 2".
Avery trying to move to get her brother's socks. You can see Jack in the background. Regina and Suzie have this exercise ball that's a half circle. It's something that you stand on but it's bouncy like an exercise ball. Jack LOVED it. He played with it at every opportunity.
Katie playing with the babies. Jack and Avery were most entertained by Katie. She could always get a smile from them.

Today we did baths in the big tub for the very first time and I am happy to say that it was a success. They have officially graduated out of their baby tub. They really enjoyed bathing together and playing with all of their new toys. Towards the end they figured out how to splash with their feet and Jack got Avery pretty good in the face.

A short video of bath time...

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Children's Museum with Nana and Grandpa

We had so much fun at The Children's Museum on Friday that we went back with Nana and Grandpa again today. We spent most of the day there and surprisingly Jack and Avery did very well. Jack finally fell asleep and napped in Grandpa's arms for about 45 minutes. Poor Avery never did fall asleep, but as soon as her body hit her stroller her eyes were closed and her thumb was in her mouth. I really wish they were better about falling asleep when we are out and about, but I think they're afraid they might miss something.

Oh and I must share Jack's latest antic. I had Avery in her walker while I was in the kitchen getting their dinner ready. Jack didn't want to be in his so I let him crawl around on the floor. Court called to tell me she was on her way home so I was distracted for a minute. That's all it took. The next thing I know I see Jack going'll never guess what he had done. Below is a picture of the walker so you can visualize. Avery is in it and buzzing around as usual. Jack had pulled himself up to a standing position and then had climbed onto the base. Avery was unphased and continued to wander around the kitchen. Jack must have held on a for a while I'm guessing, but eventually lost his balance. He went down in slow motion and got almost horizontal before losing his grip then smacked his head on the wood floor. I couldn't believe that, in a matter of seconds, he had hitched a ride on his sister's walker. How ingenious of him. I'm just sorry that he had to fall and hurt himself. I wish I had gotten a picture of it, it was something to see!! Lord knows I'll have another opportunity to take a picture. I'm sure he'll do it again.

Jack enjoying the slide with Grandpa
Jack LOVING the stairs, he was so thrilled with himself that he could hardly stand it
Jack dancing with his mom and smiling for his Nana

I think we have a budding musician in our midst. Avery loved the instruments. She does the cutest things with her hands (and feet when she's sitting) when she is excited. It's almost a beauty pageant wave but with a closed fist and a little more drama. She's doing it in this picture. The hands go up in the air when she's really excited...
She also does it while holding things. She really enjoyed this drum stick.
She went from chewing on the drum stick to beating the drum with it
Jack didn't like the noise of the drums. In his defense, he had just woken up from his nap and wasn't completely awake yet. I love the lippy! I hope he never loses it. He's had it since birth. In fact, I remember the doctor and the nurses saying, "look at that lip!" right after he was born.
Jack preferred to watch Avery play the drums
Another stop was the handy man area (can't remember what it was called). Jack has a few more years before he can truly enjoy this area. Nana had her hands full trying to keep the bolts and things out of his mouth!!
They loved looking at themselves in this mirror. Avery spotted me while I was taking this picture.
They were a little too small for this area as well. They were supposed to be putting the balls in the tubes behind them, but they preferred to eat the balls instead.
The wrists are going in this photo, too. Look at those chubby little legs! I love them!!!
We met our friend, Tracy, and her daughter, Aurora, and visited and played for a bit. Aurora has the most beautiful natural curls I've ever seen.
Jack and Avery enjoyed watching Aurora play on the toys
This is as close to a smile as I could get!!

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Children's Museum

We got a membership to The Children's Museum at the Seattle Center. They have an area that is specifically for little ones. All the toys are soft and squishy. Jack and Avery had a blast. I definitely want to go back and check it out. Here are a couple of pictures.

Jack sneaking into Cindi's diaper bag and hoping he won't get caught. For a while, he was more interested in the wheels on the stroller than any of the toys at the museum.
I think Avery liked it there, what do you think?

Thursday, November 13, 2008

8 Teeth (total) and counting...

Just as expected the other top teeth broke through today. Maybe I'll have a good night's sleep tonight??!!! I'm not getting my hopes up.

In true Jack fashion, he gave me a scare today. I put him down for his nap at noon. He was quiet for about 20 minutes then started hollering. It went on for a while to the point where I knew he was standing up in his crib screaming. I know one days he's going to climb out and fall so I usually go check on him after a few minutes to make sure he's not getting into too much mischief. I peaked around the corner and he spotted me. There he was standing up in his crib, peaking over the rail with both hands hanging on for dear life. He made eye contact, grinned from ear to ear and started jumping like a mad man. I got closer to him and realized something was on his face. I got even closer to him to inspect and it was blood! He had blood smeared from the corner of his mouth to the middle of his cheek. I was horrified to say the least. I sat down with him to check it out and he was so happy to be out of his crib he was squirming and wriggling I could hardly hold onto him. Luckily he was also grinning so I was able to see the source of the blood. His top gum next to his tooth had a cut in it. I knew exactly what he'd been doing and went to look at the crib. There are little nibble marks in the crib rail. He barely has top teeth and he's already chewing on his crib!!!!

Avery's other top tooth came without incident. I think she's feeling better because her squeals have returned. She was sitting on the floor this evening playing with Nana and Stef and out of nowhere unleashed a super squeal. It was so loud and high pitched it made us all laugh. I'm hoping that means she's feeling better.

We're heading to the Children's Museum tomorrow to meet up with our twin friends. Now that Jack is fully crawling (no more army crawling), it's going to get interesting. I'm thankful that Avery isn't crawling yet, it will give me some time to get Jack figured out before I have to start chasing both of them down. Needless to say, I ordered the gate for the stairs yesterday and it can't arrive soon enough...

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

More teeth!!

We finally have teeth coming in on top now. Jack and Avery were particularly fussy today so this evening I thought I'd check their mouths to see if there was any progress on their teeth. I checked Jack first and sure enough his top left tooth is through. We celebrated and hooted and hollered for a while then I figured I ought to check Avery, too. Low and behold her top left tooth has broken through as well resulting in more hooting and hollering. I bet their top right teeth come through in the next couple of days. I can see them under the surface but can't feel them yet.

There's nothing to photograph just yet, but I'll take a picture as soon as there's something to see so you can admire it as well.

I cannot believe that they are cutting their top teeth. They are that much closer to eating bites of food. Soon enough I'll be breaking out the Cheerios, where did the time go?

I have some video of Jack crawling and doing other crazy things that I'll post soon. He now pulls himself up to a standing position in his crib and jumps and jumps and jumps while holding onto the railing. He has also pulled himself up onto the outside of the exersaucer and taken a couple of tumbles. His most frightening antic was while the three of us were in the kitchen. Jack was on the floor and Avery was in her walker. I heard Jack grunting and straining behind me so I turned around to witness him pulling himself up onto Avery's walker while she was buzzing around. Luckily he's stronger than she is so she wasn't able to move far, but Jack was barely hanging on. I had visions of him losing his grip and whacking his head on the wood floor.

Avery is making progress in her mobility. She still prefers rolling over anything else. When she's tired of sitting she just lets herself fall over. It's kind of funny to watch and she's so tough that she never complains. She's getting closer and closer to starting to rock back and forth on all fours. I have a feeling she'll just decide one day that she wants to crawl and just take off, no reason to practice, just do it.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

A visit with Great Grandma Ostergard

We made a road trip to Hood River, Oregon with Nana, Grandpa and Auntie Sue. Every year Nana, Grandpa and Auntie Sue drive down to pick up the yummiest canned fruit (peaches, cherries, plums, pears, etc.). This is the second time we've joined them. I managed to forget my camera for every photo op. I brought it with me, just forgot to use it.

Before we left Oregon we were able to meet up with Regina, Suzie and Katie to have lunch and do a little shopping. Now that they are living in Oregon, we don't get to see them as often so it was a nice treat to be able to visit with them and catch up.

On our way back home on Saturday, we stopped to see Grandma at her new home in the nursing home. She seemed in good spirits and was happy to see Jack and Avery. We did get some pictures of Grandma with Jack and Avery. Every time she held Jack, he turned around and tried to swipe her glasses. He also wanted to jump, jump, jump!! Grandma held her own, though. She said he was a real live wire.

A few pictures from our visit:

Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Post from Avery...

I have waited patiently for my turn to post something on Mom's blog. I wanted to wait for the perfect opportunity. I think this Tuesday was the perfect opportunity. Mom says that she'll tell me about that historic day when I get older since I won't remember it. Mom heard a really cool quote that she keeps talking about and she wants to share it with everyone:

"Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther King could walk.
Martin Luther King walked so Barack Obama could run.
Barack Obama is running so our children can fly."

Mom says it's a good thing but everytime she reads it she gets tears in her eyes. I'm not sure what that means but I'll believe her when she says it's good.

I got to wear a special outfit yesterday from my moms' friend Shawn. She has great style and picked a pretty outfit for me before I was born. Mom says I look so pretty in it and she took a picture of me.

Monday, November 3, 2008

Sunday, November 2, 2008

8 Months Old Today

My little babies are growing up! Jack is on the move now. He hasn't mastered crawling, but he gets where he wants to go, mostly by army crawling rather than true crawling. Avery has decided that she prefers rolling to get to where she wants to go. It's very effective for her.

You may or may not have noticed that I added links over to the right for some photo albums. I've started using Picasa now and I'm going to try to upload our photos there regularly so you can see more than just what I post here. Picasa seems to be much better than Kodak Gallery which is what I used to use.

A few pictures of 8 month old Jack and Avery

In the afternoon, we headed down to Maren and Julian's house for dinner and a visit. Jack and Avery got piggy back rides from their Cousin Preston.