Wednesday, February 25, 2009

More swimming and a couple misc pics

We spent Friday at Cindi's house with a bunch of our friends. Avery loves to go upside-down and Cindi snapped this picture of her. Thanks Cindi! Avery was actually waving to Cindi while she was like this, that girl will wave anytime, anyplace.
Jack and Avery are getting better at drinking cow's milk these days. If I add a little bit of the drinkable yogurt, they really suck it down. I think Jack's mouth is the most adorable thing when he's drinking through a straw. One of the nice things about him drinking on his own is that it's one of the few times he will sit still for more than 10 seconds.
Nana and Grandpa came to swimming today and Grandpa was kind enough to play photographer. Thanks Dad!
Jack and Avery practicing floating on their backs. Avery is on the far right with Nana and Jack's with me next to them.
More back floating
Hanging onto the wall. This was at the end of the session and they both were getting ready to get out. I had to hold onto Jack because he could almost pull himself out of the pool all by himself and with Grandpa looking down at him, he was really motivated to get out. He loves his grandpa to pieces.
Throwing floaties and swimming for them. The only problem with this game is that as soon as they catch them, the toys go straight in their mouths and it's a battle to get them out and throw them again. I'll be glad to get a reprieve from teething one day.
The instructor teaches us to use verbal cues to teach the babies how to swim. When they are going after their floaties, we say "reach and pull" and "kick, kick, kick".
Singing a song and bouncing in the water
Jack is all done but doesn't want to give up his floatie toy.
Avery is all done!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Swimming Lessons

Court had a great idea to start Jack and Avery in swim lessons before summer arrives. We spend a lot of time in and near the water during the summer and it is important that Jack and Avery are comfortable in the water and know how to be safe. Anyway, our first swim lesson was today and it was a blast. We were pretty sure they would do okay since they enjoyed the pool in Mexico, but you never know. Lucky for us, they really enjoyed it. Jack couldn't splash hard enough. He even let out a few hollers of excitement while we were there. He was so animated that the instructor "borrowed" him to demonstrate each of the lessons we learned. Avery enjoyed the pool as well. She was a little distracted by her brother, though. There were 4 other kids in the class and one of them was not having fun and spent some of the time crying. Avery couldn't stop staring at him.
Before we got in the water. We couldn't get either of them to look at the camera, they were too interested in the pool.
Avery's cute ruffle butt. She and Court are checking out all the equipment.
A happy little girl and her proud mom.
Jack after his first demonstration. You may not be able to see it, but his hair is getting longer in the back and he has little curls. I just love it!
Jack splashing our instructor!
This is a short video of one of the songs we learned. You are supposed to tip side to side and dunk each shoulder as you sing "tick-tock, tick-tock, I'm a cuckoo clock". I got a little too excited and almost dunked Jack's face, oops. Avery has a slight wardrobe malfunction as well; luckily Courtney helps her recover :)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

We had a fun Valentine's Day today. We actually started the celebrations on Friday by hosting our Friday twin group here at the house. Three other moms came out so there were 8 babies in total. All the babies except Jack are in this picture. Fiona is hiding in her mom's arms so she's hard to see. They enjoyed looking through the toy baskets and checking out all the new and interesting toys.

Jack hanging out with his buddy, Miles.

Valentine cookies I made. I even let Jack and Avery try them. I had been avoiding feeding them wheat since I had read it is a big allergen for babies and it is recommended to wait a year. I figured they are close enough now so they got cookies! They liked them, but they really liked the bites of ice cream they got at Nana's house tonight best. They've also tried cow's milk today and both of them liked that, too. There really is very little that they don't like. Jack is sensitive to textures of food. He had some mashed potato tonight and enjoyed eating it but couldn't handle the texture and by the last bite he was shuddering. He also shudders on cheese. He really likes the taste so keeps eating it but can't stand how it feels in his mouth.

We got up this morning and opened our Valentine cards. Jack and Avery preferred to eat their cards rather than read them. Court got me a great gift, a new monitor for the computer upstairs. I have it set up downstairs on the kitchen counter and it's HUGE. The box says it's wall mountable so I think that's what we'll do when we get it upstairs. I can't wait. Jack and Avery liked the box more than anything.

You will notice that Avery is in different jammies in these pictures; that would be because she had a MAJOR blowout as soon as she woke up and dirtied her cute green jammies. The poor girl is teething in an awful way. I couldn't figure out which teeth were coming in and was talking to Nana about it on Thursday. I left to run errands and when I came back Nana said she figured out which tooth it was that Avery was working on. She cut her first molar. Nana said it's called the 2 year molars and they often come in around 18 months. Avery has always cut teeth early, her first tooth was at 4 months old. So I guess she's just an overachiever in the tooth department. They sure are making her miserable, I feel so horribly for her. I hope the other one comes through quickly and then she gets a break from it for a while.
Nana got balloons for Jack and Avery and they've provided quite a bit of entertainment. Jack was flopping on one of them this morning. I was afraid he was going to pop it and scare the crap out of himself, but he didn't thankfully.
As a great addition to our Valentine festivities, we were invited to an adoption party. Our friends, Brian and Glenn, are celebrating the adoption of their son, Robby. He's been with them since September 2006. The adoption was finalized on Thursday, congratulations to them on such a special event. If I had half a brain I would've taken pictures. It was held at Kids' Quest Museum at the Factoria Mall. Everyone had a great time.

And here is a recent picture of the new addition, Ally. I think I finally have her all brushed and the matts removed. She is so soft now and she looks very cute.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Walking....well, kind of

Life is about to change in a big way. I recently read that as soon as your babies start walking they are no longer considered infants and instead are considered toddlers. I am a little ambivalent about the change. I'm so proud of them for growing up and learning new things and doing so well, but I'm so quickly watching my babies grow into toddlers in what seems like just moments. How have they already learned to roll over, sit up, stand up, crawl and now walk??

Last Wednesday I took them down to Nana and Grandpa's house for a visit. Nana was playing with Jack and witnessed him inadvertantly take two steps without assistance. He had his hands up in the air as if he was holding onto to someone's hand, but he wasn't. He hasn't taken more than one or two steps here and there since then.

Sissy (Avery) had a big big day yesterday. She's been practicing her balance lately and standing next to the couch or one of her toys but not touching them. Yesterday morning she was standing at the couch and I encouraged her to come to me. She let go and stood by herself, took two steps, almost fell and regained her balance all by herself, then took two more steps to me. It was so exciting and she feeds off the encouragement. We hooted and hollered and danced around quite a bit. When Court and Stef got home, we showed off and she got even more attention for it and LOVED IT!! Nana and Grandpa came out today and she didn't disappoint; she stood and walked for them, too. Jack took a few steps as well, although he finds it easier to crawl so if the distance is too far for his comfort he'll just drop to his knees and crawl.

I think we'll have walkers by their birthdays.

One morning after naps...
Jack's favorite thing is to be naked. He'd prefer to run around naked all day, every day.
Stef and Court were playing around with their shades. Jack liked wearing them, he thinks he looks pretty good in them, don't you think?
Avery, on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with them.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Ally - J&A's Early Birthday Present

It all came to me in a dream. My father said, "Don't you let those kids know one day without a best friend. Animals make us better people". That was always his mantra; you can tell a person by the way he treats animals. I grew up with that philosophy and that love. So, with that I knew what the twins would get for their first birthday present from me (and my Dad). A dog for them. A dog that will adore, cherish, and protect them to the end.

Melanie and I started researching rescues and shelters and settled on a Australian Cattle Dog/German Shepherd mix that was in Wenatchee. Today, we drove to Wenatchee, the whole family in tow (Mel, me, Stef, Jack, Avery, and Katie) to see how we would all get along. She was as beautiful in person as she was on the web site, an eight month old female with the most glorious eyes. She is a medium sized dog and probably weighs about 45 pounds. Her former owners never let her in the house and gave her up because they just didn't have time/want her. The kids adore her and she is very playful (as any 8 month old is). Katie, Ally, Stef and I had a good game of frisbee in the backyard when we got home. And she got a shower which means she had to go up the stairs. She didn't know how. Melanie and I showed her and now she is racing up and down them with reckless abandon.

To Jack and Avery: Happy first birthday. I hope the love and devotion will bring you years of joy and memories.

To my Father: I still miss you every day.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Happy 20th Anniversary to Lloyd and Brenda!!

Court told me tonight that her brother and his wife, Lloyd and Brenda, are celebrating their 20th wedding anniversary tomorrow. Happy Anniversary you two!!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Aves' Wave and Jack cruisin'

We were playing around after our nap today, trying to get packed up to go see Nana and Grandpa. It tooks us a bit to get back on track and in the meantime I took a video of Avery waving her sweet wave. She's jabbering a bit as well which is her new favorite thing to do. Jack is also "talking" in the background.

And to be fair, my mother cursed me, here is a short video of Jack showing how close he is to walking.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Driving Miss Avery

11 Months Old

11 months old already, I just don't know how it happened. They've been so much fun and they grown so much, I'm amazed each and every day. They just got over colds and they were in a great mood today.

Jack has always been curious about everything around him. Lately when I get the camera out or the video camera out, he heads right for me because he wants to inspect it and play with it.Jack thinking he's going to grab the camera from me and getting so excited about it.
Avery is so happy. We had a mini celebration today because little Miss Avery sat up all by herself from a laying down position. After all the hoopla she just kept doing it over and over again. I think she liked all the attention.She says, "I'm cute, huh?"
This is the only shot I got all day of both of them looking at the camera at the same time. Happy 11 months!!
Jack wanting to eat the camera...
This is a funny series. One of our new phases is learning to share, or not learning to share. Everything that Avery plays with suddenly becomes the most interesting thing in the room for Jack. No matter what it is, if Avery picks it up, Jack wants it. He's much stronger than she is, but she puts up a good fight and wins her fair share of tug-of-wars with him. Today it was their little nursery rhyme cd player and the purple ball.
Avery saying, " That's mine, thank you very much."
"Got it."
"Hhhmmm, lost it."
"I NEEEEEDDDD it back." Notice she's got two hands on it and she's fighting hard and Jack's got one hand on it.
And she prevailed!! Way to go Avery!
But she lost it again, and she is NOT happy about it.
I think if she realized she could, she would have smacked him here.
Now it's the purple ball.
Now she's really mad.
I get this look a lot. "Mom, he did it AGAIN, will you please do something?"
We have a little night time ritual that has developed recently. They love to play peak-a-boo while standing on the couch. It's kind of become a game of peak-a-boo and jumping and flopping on the couch. Here's a little bit of it from tonight. Avery wasn't as into it as usual, she was already ready for bed. If you watch her though, when Stef says "peak-a-boo" she folds in half and falls onto the couch. Sometimes she does it in anticipation of the "peak-a-boo. We all enjoy the game...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl 2008 vs 2009

We spent last year at Brian and Glenn's for Super Bowl and they invited us again this year. It was a different party this year, what a difference a year makes...
This wasn't the day of the Super Bowl but it was around that time. My love affair with Barq's root beer started right about then.
Glenn and Robby snacking on pigs in a blanket, our favorite snack. Katie likes them, too.
Katie begging for a bite.
I swore I'd never be one of those women who always had their hands on their belly while pregnant. I guess I should eat my words. I think it's impossible not to do it.
Glenn testing out Guitar Hero
Stef and Glenn playing Guitar Hero before the game started.
Court and Stef playing Guitar Hero.
Those colors look like someone puked on the screen.
and a year later, no Guitar Hero and I don't think I ever watched the game either....
Jack making friends with Autumn. She's such a good girl and very tolerant of baby "loves". He pulled her hair and tugged on her ears and she didn't mind one bit.
Jack playing with Auntie Stef at one of the baby/doggie gates.
Jack hanging out with Uncle Brian. As usual, Katie is not far from her Brian. She loves him.
Avery cruising around the coffee table