Monday, March 30, 2009

Brave Ave

Avery had to have an ultrasound today to check her bladder and kidneys as a result of having the bladder infection. I was a little worried that it would be a struggle since she doesn't like anyone messing with her or invading her personal space (a true Ostergard). The woman who performed the u/s was great and really enjoyed working with kids. She put Avery at ease right away and made the entire procedure go very smoothly. They told me on the phone that the ultrasound could take up to an hour but we were done in about 15 minutes because she did so well and the radiologist said everything is fine. She will need to go in and have another procedure done at Children's Hospital later in the month just to be sure all is well, but it's a good sign the the ultrasound didn't reveal anything worrisome.

A couple of pictures of the good little patient:

This video is too funny not to share. We gave them their first drink of pop the other day. Court was drinking a Squirt and I don't why we decided to give them a taste, maybe they were acting interested in it. I don't remember. By the time we started taping, Jack wasn't making funny faces anymore, but Avery had one more good one left. Silly girl!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday Fun

Today has been a fun day and I managed to capture some of it on video. First, we had breakfast and Avery and Jack were in good moods. Avery performed right on cue when I asked her if she was all done. They know a few signs, but Jack doesn't do them often at all. Avery is much better at using them. All done is her favorite.

We spent the afternoon with our twin friends and when we got home we had dinner. When Auntie Stef got home from work, we had a little ticklefest. Jack's giggle is as cute as it's always been. Here he is giggling. You can hear Avery right at Stef's ankles trying to get her to play with her as well. She is being her cute self, shrieking and talking.

And it was Avery's turn to play ticklefest with Auntie, she lets out a couple of really loud screams. She gave Stef and I the giggles, too.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

One determined boy

For a boy who rarely sits still, I caught a few moments of him in total concentration. He's trying to make the piece of wood spin on his finger/thumb. It's about 4 minutes so you might find it boring. I'm just amazed that he could sit still for that long.

Sorry that the video is crooked for part of the time, I was trying to be discreet so wasn't distracted by it.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Bubbles and more play time...

Avery napped for almost 2 hours yesterday and Jack slept for his usual 30-45 minutes so he and I played downstairs together. I had played with bubbles a few times in the past but it's been a while. This time he was way more aware of what was going on.

This video is from a week or so ago. It's actually the same day as the video I posted last, but it's cute to watch them play together and giggle so I'm posting it.

That's all for now.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Twin Birthday Party and 1st Year Stats

I've heard from a few people that I haven't blogged in a while so that means I better get to it. We go through these phases where for no reason life gets/seems to get really crazy. Nothing is any different from any other day; it just seems crazier. Hopefully things will calm down for a while and I can blog more frequently.

Of course, photos and a video are below:

Jack and Avery riding their new train together. This was a gift from the Masons and Jack and Avery LOVE it.
This was about 10 seconds later. Jack tried to get off and then Avery tried to follow. It didn't go so well.
We visited my friend, Jen, at her house on Friday. There was a slight chill in the air, but the sun was shining. Apologies for the snot running down his face.

Avery hanging out in Jen's front yard.

We had a 1st year celebration for all the twins at a place called Playmatters in Greenwood. It was a blast. 18 of the 20 babies were there. It's a good thing we rented it out because there wouldn't have been room for anyone else. Jack and Avery are in the bottom left of the photo.

One of their favorite places lately is the dishwasher. I am unable to load/unload it in their earshot. As soon as the door clicks, Jack comes running.

He likes to stand on the door and pull everything out. He's also been known to pull the bottom drawer all the way out and sit in it....ouch.

Sissy just watching to see what I'm going to do since Jack has a butter knife in his mouth. Bad mommy.
In the video below, Avery and Jack had just been to the doctor for their 1 year appt and had received their shots. They look like little monkeys inspecting their bandaids. Speaking of their appt, their stats are:
J - 22lbs 9oz
A - 19lbs 14.5oz
J - 32"
A - 29.75"

Friday, March 6, 2009

The Sick and The Walking Wounded

It's been an exciting few days here. Avery hasn't been feeling well since Monday. She's had a fever since then and at first we attributed it to her teething since she is cutting all 4 molars at once. After a day or two it was clear that she wasn't acting herself even if she was teething. I made an appt with the pediatrician on Thursday and they ruled out an ear infection. They said if she was still feverish today to come back in and they'd do further tests. Every time her Motrin wore off her fever would just spike all over again. We took her back in this morning and they wanted to get a urine sample from her to rule out a bladder infection. The most accurate way to get a urine sample from a baby is to use a catheter. I was dreading it, but it was actually not that bad. The worst part for Avery was having to be held down. She didn't act like she was in pain at any point in the procedure. The doctor came back quickly and let us know that she appears to have a bladder infection. Off we went with our prescription for antibiotics. So little Miss Avery is on the road to recovery, thank goodness.

To add to the drama, Jack decided to take a tumble on the wood floor this morning. For some reason (maybe because he wasn't entirely awake yet) he didn't put his hands out as he fell and he landed on his face. He didn't seem to cry that much and it wasn't until I looked at him and saw pink slobber dripping out of his mouth that I realized he was bleeding. Anyway, while we were at the doctor's office we had her look at his mouth to make sure he didn't need stitches or didn't have any loose teeth as a result of the fall. He's fine and she said that it will look worse as it heals. They have their 1 year pictures next weekend so I hope they are both feeling up to par for them.

Jack's fat lip
Checking out the drawers in the doctor's office
Another view of the fat lip
Sick girl

Trying to smile for the camera

Thursday, March 5, 2009

Birthday Video

Suzie put together one of her famous videos from the birthday party. The link is below. Thank you, Suzie!

Monday, March 2, 2009

1 Year Old

I'm doing this during naptime so I don't have the luxury of time to write a long post. Most of you are only interested in the photos and the videos anyway, so here you are....

There are more photos to the right under "March - 1 Year Old".

Avery and Jack shared their birthday party with their cousin, Lillie. She turns 6 on March 5th and she was gracious enough to share with the little ones.

Jack was a typical boy with his cake, he had it dismantled very quickly and didn't even realize that he could also eat it until someone put a piece in his mouth. Avery was very dainty and neat (compared to Jack) with her cake.
Jack's birthday outfit from Auntie Stef.
Avery's birthday outfit from Auntie Stef
One of the carrot cakes

This video is several minutes long, but it's fun to watch them discover the cake and enjoy it. Katie (the dog) even got in on some of the cake eating.

I was fiddling with some new video editing software that I got for Christmas and had no idea what I was doing. I was just trying to edit out the junk and when I uploaded this to blogger, it got all fancy and had music along with it. It actually isn't all that bad, but I would've changed the title from "Story Theatre" if I knew what I was doing.

These are a few clips of Jack and Avery walking on their birthday. They are getting pretty good at it.