Wednesday, April 29, 2009

General Update and pictures

We've had a busy couple of weeks. We just returned from a trip to Oregon to visit our friends, Regina, Suzie and Katie. We made a day trip to Fort Clatsop while we were down there and it was the only time I remembered to get the camera out. It just happened to be while Regina, Suzie and Katie were inside watching a movie about Lewis & Clark. Jack and Avery needed to get out of their strollers and as we call it, "get their wiggles out".

If there was sound to this photo it would go something like this, "djoo, djoo, djoo, djoo". Avery is a chatterbox and most everything that comes out sounds like that. I guess it's no surprise then that she now says "juice".

A rock for Mommy

Jack in his element outside. One rock he was unable to get in his mouth.

Cindi invited us to join her at the Skagit Valley Tulip Festival today. The weather cooperated and the flowers were beautiful.
Mommies and babies at the tulips
Dad took this photo. He noticed one lone yellow flower among all the pink flowers.
Jack was so enthralled with his surroundings that I don't think I ever got him to really look at the camera. He was much too busy exploring the leaves, grass, dirt, flower petals and whatever else he came across.
I wonder if she'll ever grow out of that expression or if I'll still see it on her face when she's 16. I think I know the answer to that...
Mid-chew with a huge hunk of dirt.
Deciding that a handful of dirt doesn't really taste that good after all.
Pretty in pink
Mommy, would you like a flower petal? I found it just for you!
Another update is about Avery and her bladder infection. She had her procedure at Children's Hospital on Tuesday (something I don't care ever to repeat and I think she would agree) to follow up on her bladder infection. It showed that she does have reflux into her kidneys, major bummer. The radiologist said that her reflux is on the lower/middle of the scale of severity and typically they grow out of it. Until they do grow out of it, antibiotics are given daily. She thought that Avery would need to be on them for 6 months to a year at which time they would do a follow up VCUG to confirm. I have pictures of Avery and her hospital room on the other camera that I don't have with me. I'll post those later.
Jack, on the other hand, spent Tuesday morning with Nana while we were gone. He got a good morning nap but decided he'd rather not take an afternoon nap. By evening he had worn himself out. For a boy who never sits still, this is a rare photo...

Monday, April 20, 2009

Fun in the Sun

We have had such fun these last few days with all this warm weather. We played in the back yard a lot and splashed in the water, ate dirt, got naked....well the babies did all that, I just watched. The pictures are in no particular order.

Naked except for her shoes!
So cute, I could just take a bite out of her.

I could die!
Naked boy in the dirt
Checking to see what Nana is doing
I love water bottles!
Shake Shake Shake
and more shaking
Avery giving away an imaginary piece of something
Deep in thought and talking the whole time
Must have water...
Yum, dirt is good
Muddy dirt is even better
Have you tried this Mommy? It's great!
Taking a break from splashing in the bucket of water
If they think a bucket of water is fun, I can't wait to get their little pool out.
Mom, do you see what we're doing? Isn't this great? I love it out here.
It must be good if the tongue is out
Lounging in the sun
Have you tried this stuff?
Water bottles were a hit today, they splashed all over the place with their water bottles.
Avery loved it so much she could hardly sit still. Every time Nana sat her down she had to get right back up. It's hard to be that excited and sit down.
Both sitting still side by side for a split second
We have water bottles, yipppeeeee

Jack discovered the gate opening and was determined to figure out how to open it. Little does he know, the latch is about 3 feet above his head. Knowing him, he'll figure out a way to get it unlatched before he turns two. He's enlisting Avery's help in this picture.
There's got to be a way
Maybe if I lift you up.....
Or if I push hard enough, I might be able to.....
What is going on out there on the "other side"?
Would you like a leaf?
Mischievous (and dirty) face
Mom, I'm hardly one and you've already got me doing chores?
Jack, do you know you have dirt on your face?
I hope this means she's going to help me with the gardening one day