Monday, August 24, 2009

Lake Wenatchee camping trip

I'm too lazy right now to blog about the camping trip, but wanted to share a few short videos from the trip. I'll share more photos and stories later in the week.

Auntie was blowing bubbles with gum for them and they were intrigued. You have to watch Avery's face because she tries to copy Stef by sticking her tongue out. Her expression is priceless

Claire started jumping and Jack thought it was pretty funny. His giggle is as cute as it has always been. Everyone that was around got in on the jumping action.

Avery had a love affair with Nana's cart and pushed it all over the campground. She was able to enjoy it without fighting her brother for it this time. It must have been first thing in the morning because she has some pretty crazy hair!!

This is river/lake side hanging out at the shore. Jack is jabbering away about all the rocks. He's calling them "balls". Avery is so tickled to be eating rocks undisturbed that she lets out a big old belly laugh.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Suzie's video of Katie, Jack and Avery playing in the water

You must look at Suzie's video of Katie, Jack and Avery playing in the water yesterday afternoon. Jack had a blast with Katie (the dog) and the sprinkler and Avery managed to get totally filthy.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

More play time at the park

It turned out to be another warm day in the Seattle area. Lucky for us, we had plans to meet up with friends at a park. We met Cindi, Ian and Miles at Kelsey Creek Park and ran around, kicked balls, played with sticks, played on the toys, and tried to visit the animals. We missed the animals by about an hour. Who knew they got "put away" at 3:30pm, live and learn.

Miles (left) and Ian (right) after a long afternoon of fun in the sun (sticks in hand still)
Jack and Avery love anything that does not belong to them, even strollers. They both got into Cindi's stroller on their own and hung out in there for a bit.

Avery doing "pppbbbbbttt" to me
I asked her to sit pretty and smile for me so I could take her picture and she actually did!
The picture looks much sweeter than reality. He's really trying to push her out of the way so that he can steer.
This is what he wanted, sharing is hard for Jack.
And swinging still feels completely unnatural to him.
And Avery thinks there is nothing better than lounging in the swing.

A few very short videos from the day:

Avery swinging with Miles. Miles loves the swings

Jack playing ball with Ian

Monday, August 17, 2009

Twin Falls State Park

Today was a day when Nana comes out to hang out and we decided to pack a picnic lunch and go for a hike at Twin Falls State Park. There was a lot of sniffing of flowers, jumping off logs and throwing rocks in the river and not so much hiking. I think the highlight of the adventure was splashing in the water and eating, I mean, throwing rocks.

A big spider along the trail
Hmmmm, rocks. She even makes her "yum" sound when she gets them in her mouth. Where do they come up with this stuff??
Our little hangout
Ready, set, throw!!
Nana was providing him a steady stream of rocks.
Must taste before throwing.

Following Nana along the trail

A couple of videos at the side of the river:

Friday, August 14, 2009

The Zoo

We had told Nana that we would take her out for a day with Jack and Avery at Woodland Park Zoo as part of her Mother's Day gift and it's taken us until now to actually do it. Sorry Nana for the delay, but it ended up being worth the wait. We had a lot of fun. The pictures are in reverse order, so this is Avery passed out in the stroller at the end of the day.
Jack catching some zzz's, too.
They look so peaceful.
Katie came with us and had a great time. She was roaring like a bear and Court had to get in on it as well.
We rode the carousel. If you look closely you can see Stef, then Katie, and in the back is Court. The tokens were intended for Katie, Jack and Avery, but since Jack and Avery slept, Stef and Court enjoyed the ride.
Katie on the carousel.
The beautiful tiger that made us feel sorry for it. It paced the entire time we were there; maybe one day they'll be able to expand that tiger habitat and make it better for the tigers...
Avery is sitting on an animal sculpture in this picture and thinking she's pretty cool.
Avery checking out a tree dwelling furry animal (can't remember what its name was).
Jack with his grandpa. That boy is glued to Grandpa whenever he's around.

Monday, August 10, 2009

Visit with friends

Court recently connected with a high school friend via Facebook and made plans for us to meet up. Coincidentally she and her family have been living in Seattle about as long as Courtney has and they've never connected before now. We met up with them at their house for lunch and then some play time at the park.
Laura is a pianist and teaches lessons as well. Jack getting his first piano lesson. I think it lasted all of about 45 seconds before he slid off her lap and moved on to other instruments in the room.

Avery was a good student. She only used one finger at a time and played very pretty little "songs".
Jack watching Ruby show him how to kick a soccer ball.
Ruby was so good with Jack and Avery. Here she is giving Avery a push on the swings.

And just a couple of shots of them recently...they are looking so much older these days.
Already annoyed with me for taking yet another picture.
Avery has mastered "that look" way too early. I didn't think I was supposed to see that face until at least 10 or 11 years old.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Some videos

I'm always trying to capture some of the things that Jack and Avery "say" these days because I know they'll stop saying it and I'll wish I'd had it recorded. Anyway, this video is Jack saying "bit a bit a bit a". He's busy getting into mischief so it's not great video. What's even funnier about this clip is that he's climbing on the coffee table. He's not supposed to and Court had told Stef that we're trying to ignore it because we think he's doing it for the reaction. Anyway, if you watch Stef you can tell she's trying not to react and even covers her mouth so she doesn't show him her smile.

Blogger cuts off part of the video so in order to see Stef on the side you'll need to double click on the video and watch it directly from youtube.

Avery loves to look at her self in the video camera screen. This is a clip of her talking and admiring herself.

And one last clip of Avery's chatter

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Fun-filled Afternoon

We spent an afternoon hanging out with Maren, Julian, Preston, Hansen and Lillie. Who knew that they had so much fun stuff at their house. This is a photo review of all the things we did while at their house for just a few hours.

Lillie read "Brown Bear, Brown Bear" to Avery

Julian, Avery and Jack "drove" around on an adventure with the wii steering wheels. Jack preferred to chew on his, I think he's cutting MORE molars. Avery was looking cute wearing Lillie's head band.

Court reminiscing about the old days while playing a game on Julian's Atari

Jack found a "briefcase" to carry around. It's actually a box of books that you can check out from the library.

Jack having his feet tickled by Julian. He was a bit intrigued but not enough to stick around for long.

Making hats out of plates

Avery hanging out with Preston while he plays the Atari

Lillie showing Jack and Avery how to play the piano. They really enjoyed it and plinked away rather well. They didn't pound once.

Jack thinking, "I can totally do this..."

Testing out Julian's stair stepper

Banging on pots and pans, much to Hansen's dismay.

Hansen deep in concentration with a new game he just got.
Avery discovering a cool hiding place in Auntie Maren's kitchen
And now I'm getting out since my brother had to copy me.
Maren and Julian all dressed up for Maren's 20 year high school reunion. They look stunning!!

I hope you guys had a good time tonight.