Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Just Dance!!!!

While this isn't the best example of them dancing, it's pretty cute. Avery was more willing to perform today than Jack. I'll have to try again when Court's home; she can always get them hyped up and jumping around. Avery also says more about 2/3 of the way through. It comes out as "mooowww". Oh and the snotty noses (mine included) are a result of our first colds of the season. Somehow Court has escaped so far, but the rest of us are sniffling, darnit.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

18 Month Check Up

Jack and Avery had their 18 Month check-ups today and it was mostly uneventful. They are staying on track with their heights/weights and their heads are still huge in the 90th percentile:

Jack - 34" (95th percentile)
Avery - 31 1/2" (50th percentile)

Jack - 25 lbs 11 oz (50th percentile)
Avery - 24 lbs 12 oz (75th percentile)

They only had one shot this time and it went very well. Jack shed a few tears and Avery was very concerned. I think his crying bothered her more than her shot did. I was trying to distract her with treats so that she wouldn't see what was happening (she went 2nd). She would have nothing to do with me and wanted to see why Jack was crying so she saw the entire process. I was a little worried that she was going to pitch a fit, but she didn't. She watched the nurse give her the shot and everything and didn't even react. I was really surprised, but I guess I shouldn't be. She gets beat up by her brother day in and day out and rarely cries so why would a little shot bother her?

I've noticed lately that when one of them gets attention for something the other immediately has to do the same thing and get the same attention. It happened today in the office while we were waiting for the doctor. I was taking video at the time and captured it. At the end of the first video Jack trips over my feet and bonks his head on the wall. I stopped to give him a kiss and make sure he was okay, then I started the video again. Avery promptly went over to where Jack fell and flopped on the ground and then patted her head to show me that she bonked her head, too, and needed a kiss. It makes me giggle inside that they are so sly at such a young age. I love it!!

Their Halloween costumes arrived in the mail and I'm so glad I tried them on before it was too late. Avery's is just a tad bit too small as you can see from the photo below. The straps don't even reach her shoulders, but not to worry, Nana is going to work her magic and fix it.

They are going as Peter Pan and Tinkerbell.

Our very own Tink
Peter Pan not too happy with his outfit, but content enough since he's with his Bapa.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Recent goings on...

I have some random pictures and videos to share. We've been busy lately and I haven't taken many pictures.
We hung out with Hansen and Lillie and Nana at the Slane household recently and Jack and Avery got to investigate the treehouse. Aves and Lillie saying hello.
Picking Auntie Maren's flowers (without permission, oops) and putting them in our ears.
Jack wanted Avery to taste his. She was more than happy to oblige.
Lillie and Avery
Hansen and Jack
We also visited The Puyallup Fair on opening day during the free entrace period. Oh boy, what a crazy day. Luckily we were let in for free even though we missed the two hour window. This is the only photo I snapped of them the entire day. They look hot and tired which is how we all felt.
We started Little Gym last week and this is the only picture I captured. It was when we first arrived and true to their nature, they both stood back and watched for a bit. Avery joined in rather quickly, but Jack remained reluctant until the very end. This week the instructor noted that all the boys were very clingy and she said that it's typical that boys are clingy at this age, more than little girls.
And some videos:

Jack LOVES basketball and soccer and football. Really, he just loves balls. He is beside himself with excitement that he's playing basketball with his cousins. Avery is funny to watch too, she just enjoys being part of the action and gets excited when Jack gets excited.

Hansen being a sweetheart and holding Jack up at the treehouse window. He was a little nervous that he was going to drop Jack. I can't blame him, the boy is getting so big these days.

Nana and Bapa got Jack and Avery a tricycle that they were going to give them at Christmas. Nana couldn't wait and got it out for them to try out. Jack loved it of course and didn't even care that his feet don't quite reach the pedals. Avery's feet really don't reach the pedals, but she liked going for rides on the back.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sans Pareil

Rachel Alexandra winning the Woodward by a head

Today, we watched Rachel Alexandra continue her march to greatness by winning the Grade I Woodward Stakes at Saratoga. While I have watched her win five Grade I races since the beginning of May, three against the boys, I keep wondering, will I ever see anything like her again? I know without hesitation that the answer is simply, no.

I have waited my entire life to witness something this extraordinary, and we will not see anything like her again in our lifetime. She hasn’t even finished her story and if she retired today, she may very well replace Ruffian as the greatest filly to ever run.

Today, we had a little Rachel Alexandra party at the house. Stef and Paul came out and cooked a lot of yummy food while I taught Jack and Avery to throw up their arms and cheer for Rachel. Even my 18 month old children know a champion when they see her.

It was a thrilling race and a thrilling day. A true thank you for all of you who made it so.

I leave you with an excerpt from a song called, “Flying”, written specifically for Rachel Alexandra.

…I was born to this world on a Monday

With rain falling down on my feet

When I looked to the sky I saw birds that were flying

And I promised with every heartbeat

Nothing would stand in my way now

The earth or the storm or the sea

That I would run every race and one more just in case

To show you just how strong I can be

I run and I run just fast as I can

You will never catch me cuz I am flying my friend

Keep your eyes here on me as I defy gravity

And I will make you so proud in the end…


By The Sweetest Sound

For Rachel Alexandra

Copyright Stonestreet Stables

Congratulations, Rachel Alexandra on making history once again. You have made us all proud.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

18 Months Old Today!!!

We celebrated today by heading to Twin Falls State Park with Nana and Bapa. It was a beautiful day and got up to almost 80 degrees, perfect!! We met a lot of nice people along the trail and got to pet many friendly dogs along the way.

Standing on the bridge with Nana and Bapa

The best shot of the two of them together

Is that another doggy I hear?

Where is my Bapa?

Nana had a good idea of giving Jack and Avery rides on a blanket throughout the house. It was Auntie Steffie's turn here and she managed to pull both Jack and Avery around for a while. Avery could've fallen asleep this way. Jack, on the other hand, didn't trust it one bit.

This is the video of Jack saying , "Uh Oh".

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Lake Wenatchee and other stuff...

I'm still trying to figure out how it is September already. Tomorrow Jack and Avery will be 18 months old.

A few pictures of Lake Wenatchee and a few from the back yard.

Jack discovered where Ally hides and chews on sticks. If you look closely you can see her in the bushes.

If it's good enough for Ally, it's good enough for Jack.
...and Avery.

Sitting on a log in the lake with their cousins (Miles, Camden and Claire).

Avery preferred her swim bottoms on her head.

One of their favorite hangouts while camping. It was a safe place for them, too, especially when the campfire was burning.

Playing in the sun at the lake.

Jack playing in the water with Grandpa
And some videos:

Please tell me this phase ends soon. We took them to Rattlesnake Lake on Saturday and they really enjoyed it.

They got good and wet, but we've learned and we packed spare outfits.

Avery testing out her rain boots for Fall. They are a bit big, but at the rate she's growing I think they'll fit perfectly when she needs them.

Avery showing her words. She wasn't really in the mood to cooperate, but she did well considering. My favorite is how she says "Suzie".
The video of Jack below is broken so I'll try to upload another one soon. It's too cute to see.

Jack has as many words as Avery, but this clip is just of him saying "uh oh". You have to wait until the end to SEE him say it because it's so cute.