Sunday, October 25, 2009

What to do on a rainy day?

Fall is definitely here in our neighborhood. We've been getting plenty of rain and wind. The gutters were just cleaned in the last month or so and already I can tell that they are going to need it again. Sigh. The other morning we all had cabin fever so I googled a recipe for homemade playdough and tried it out...

They played with it for quite a while longer than I expected. They did have to taste it, but only once or twice. The salt content in that stuff is worse than a salt lick. Yuck.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Trip to Ocean Shores

I've been a little out of commission lately with our computers. My laptop's hard drive crashed and our desktop computer (where I keep all our video and picture files) ran out of room. We had a friend out who added a bunch more space to the desktop and he's working on fixing the laptop right now, so we should be back in business in a couple of days.

Anyway, we were invited by my cousin, Annie, to stay with her family at their house in Ocean Shores. I was expecting a cabin, but it's a house. It was beautiful. We had perfect weather and wonderful company.

There were four adults and 5 children so at times we did feel a bit outnumbered but it all worked out well.

We headed to the community pool first thing in the morning on Saturday. This is in the process of getting ready when Jack and Avery were introduced to the piano. They got a quick lesson from their cousins, Alex, Miles and Claire.

You haven't fully checked out a house until you've looked in the toilet...luckily they are under the watchful eye of cousin Claire. She was the best helper the entire weekend and Jack and Avery LOVE her.

A view of the canal from the back yard. It really is that beautiful.

Playing in the sand box....and yes, some still ended up in their mouths.

Before he started to eat it

Claire giving Avery some tips on sand castle building

Mom's twinkle in her eye looking at Jack's twinkle in response to something Court said...

Avery and Claire

There were so many big fat spiders at the house. Avery was very curious. I think she would have leaned right in for a kiss if she could have. Everything deserves a kiss in Avery's opinion. Jack was happy looking over Avery's shoulder.

This photo was taken by Court. She's started this game with Avery where she tells her to walk away but holds onto her shirt so when Avery does walk away she gets pulled right back. That's why Avery has that cute look on her face.

My feet are the big ones, then Claire's and then Jack's. So cute.

Jack was having some stomach problems, I'll spare the details, so Court ran to the store while we were at the beach and picked up some prune juice. I pointed her out to Jack when she came back and he went running to her to say hi.

He felt much better shortly after this picture, but I don't think the prune juice even got to his stomach. He gave it one taste and shook his head and said, "noh, noh, nooooh" and handed me his sippy cup.

Avery wanting to go back out and play chase in the waves. My feet were still thawing out from the frigid waters...
Running in the sand and watching Uncle Kraig surf.
Jack lovingly tormenting his sister. I think he was trying to hug her.
I thought this was a cute picture. Annie pointed Kraig out to Claire and Miles and Claire is waving to him. How he got in the water, even with a wetsuit, is beyond me. It was freezing.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Toddler Talk

Play time at the park is always fun, especially with Nana and Bapa.

Jack and Avery's speech improves every day. They are so interested in how to say words that each of them will watch me as I enunciate and then try to copy me. That's how Avery started to say Ally in the last day or two. Up until now, when she'd say Ally, it would come out at "Ahhh eeee". She's figured out how to say the "l" now and it is the cutest thing ever. Jack's "l's" come out differently. He is obsessed with lids of any kind so he is forever asking for lids by saying "lllsssjjjjid".

The first video is dinnertime tonight. At the very very end of the clip Avery says Ally clearly.

Jack has gotten into making funny faces lately. One he started all on his own is where he puckers up his lips then sticks out his tongue. He does it as a game so you'll copy him. Here is a little bit of it.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Pumpkin Patch 2009

We headed to the Nursery at Mt Si again this year and the weather was perfect. We had an eventful morning while we were there. We said hello to the cows, Jack learned (the hard way) what an electric fence is, we stomped through the muddy fields, we cut our own pumpkins (orange, green and white ones), we ate popcorn, we found candy in a straw play area, and said hello to a nice scarecrow. Those are just the highlights, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.

Heading out in search of pumpkins
but discovered the cows first
We needed to say hello to them, which goes something like, "Hiiiiieeeeee!!!!!!"
A split second before the "incident" with the electric fence.
Avery is thrilled with her pumpkin
Jack wanting to know where HIS pumpkin is
What about our coats?
Oh, take them off? Sure!!
Aves goofing off for the camera. I asked her to tell me what a kitty says and she obliged and is very pleased with herself.
Really goofing off now, we couldn't even get a decent picture.
Saying bye bye to the cows. Jack is perfectly content staying in the wagon, far from those evil cows and their mean fence.
Wagon ride back to the car
Pumpkins were paid for so we checked out the rest of the place. This is Jack waving to the scarecrow and saying, "Hi!"
We just got inside this little play area and Jack was getting all riled up. He turned around to see another family enter and this was his reaction...
There was an area set aside full of straw with candy hidden in the straw. We spent a good amount of time in here.
Then we discovered popcorn...yum!
A kiss for you
and a kiss for you
eating popcorn on Mom's lap.

Friday, October 2, 2009

New Hoop

I found a basketball hoop on craigslist for $10. I set it up last night after Jack and Avery went to bed and this is the video of Jack coming downstairs first thing in the morning...

Avery playing with the pop up monkey toy...