Saturday, November 21, 2009

Recent fun and games...

We took Jack and Avery to the mall again tonight and then to Red Robin. Jack was in a great mood and had a little gigglefest. He has a new laugh that sounds kind of fake, but it's hilarious.

I took this video after naptime one day last week. Avery has started "talking" quite a bit lately and I never get tired of listening to her...

Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday night at the mall

Court, Stef and I took Jack and Avery to the mall for some play time on the toys followed by dinner at Cheesecake Factory. The highlight of the evening for Jack was jumping off any and all surfaces at the play area. I got a couple good pictures of it, too. Avery was just thrilled to have her Auntie Steffie there to hold her and play with her.
Stef and Jack, Avery and me
Stef and Jack, Court and Avery
Peek a Boo in the tunnel
You're not having nearly enough fun unless your tongue is sticking out!!
Exploring the games on the wall with Mum
Working on molars....again
Avery wasn't all that interested in jumping. She obliged and jumped a couple of times, but she was more interested in watching all the bigger kids run around and play.
Jumping to Auntie Steffie
Jack jumping to Auntie Steffie again while Avery chews on her hands and watches the big kids
Leaping to Mum
He caught some pretty good air on this jump. The boy has no fear when it comes to jumping off things. Thankfully he is sensible and won't jump unless he feels like it's safe.

Yeeeee-Haaaaaa!!!! Even the curls are flying...You have to click on this picture and enlarge it. The look on Jack's face is priceless.
A funny thing happened on our way back to the car after dinner. We let them walk through the mall since they weren't interested in getting back in their stroller, something they don't get to do when I'm by myself so it's a real treat for them. Avery was content holding Auntie Steffie's hand or having Stef hold her, but Jack wanted to run and play in the clothes racks, run up ahead, play peek a boo, etc. He was running down a main walkway of Macy's when he spotted 3 high school aged girls with balloons from a nearby Red Robin. He immediately started pointing and gesturing and saying, "ehhhh, ehhhh, ehhhh" which is his way of saying, "look, look, look". I thought he would leave it at that and just admire the balloons from afar; he's in a very shy stage right now and new faces will easily bring him to tears and sobs. Well, not tonight. He ran up and stalked those girls and got right on their heals, the entire time hollering at them and pointing at the balloons. He was so loud and persistent that they stopped and turned around to see what was going on. At this point, the three of us are cracking up. We stopped and talked to the girls and let Jack look at the balloons. We were trying to say goodbye to the girls and the balloons, but Jack wasn't about to let go of those balloons. It was about to get ugly, but the girls offered to give Jack the balloons. Luckily there were two sets so Avery got some as well. Jack held one of the balloons to his chest and walked all the way to the car that way.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Playing around...

It was a quiet morning here today so I got the camera out in hopes of getting a good picture of the two of them together (an impossible task). They were in goofy moods which made for entertaining photos...

Avery was sucking her thumb and Jack decided to copy her which is funny because he has never sucked his thumb. He just looks so silly doing it. I ask Avery where her thumb is and she pops it out of her mouth and shows it to me which is what she's doing here...

Jack's sweet little curls
Serious Jack
Avery LOVES to look at herself lately. If I put a clip in her hair she immediately asks to look at it in the mirror. She also loves to look at pictures that I take of her. We'd been taking pictures and then admiring them. I asked her to sit back down so I could take a few more pictures of her and she clearly wasn't done admiring herself in the other pictures.
Then I let her look at the pictures of her again and this is the smile I got...

Her bangs are getting so long but I'm just not ready to cut her hair. I'm going to see if we can grow it out, but it may not be possible. She may end up with bangs in the end because she won't keep ponies or clips in her hair. She takes them out and sticks them in her mouth and then runs and hides. If she doesn't, then Jack takes them out for her and sticks them in his mouth.
Just in the last few days I asked Jack to give me a smile and this is what I got. What a goofball. Now every time you ask him to smile, this is what you get...
Pulling out her ponytail. It lasted all of 10 minutes this morning.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Road trip and visit from family

We had another action-packed weekend. We had our annual trip to Oregon planned for this weekend (road trip with Nana and Bapa) and then we found out that Court's niece (Crystal) and nephew (Kegan) would also be coming to town that weekend. We took them along with us on the road trip. It was a lot of time in the car with two 20 month olds. I think all of us have heard more of "The Wiggles" than we ever cared to hear.

View from the lookout at Rowena Crest Viewpoint in Oregon along the Columbia River.

Kegan holding Jack, Court, and Crystal holding Avery

Kegan and Court

Nana and Bapa with Jack and Avery

Me, Jack, Court and Avery

Kegan graduates in the Spring and will be off to college in the Fall. The University of Washington is one of the schools on his radar so we drove down there today and visited the bookstore and walked around the campus a bit.

Jack and Avery were most interested in the squirrels. They both insisted that they were cats by saying, "meooooow" every time they saw one.

Avery being such a big girl walking with her cousins.

Heading into the Husky Union Building
Jack and Avery had had enough of wandering the campus so we left Crystal and Kegan at the HUB to finish looking around and headed back to the car. Jack and Avery spotted the husky statue outside the HUB so we had to sit on it for a photo op.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Halloween fun

Last weekend we headed to Woodland Park Zoo for some Halloween fun. It was freezing, but it wasn't raining so that was great. I think they sold a few too many tickets for the event though because it felt more like a cattle call than a Halloween get together. I don't think the kids cared a bit, but it was stressing me out. I saw a couple wandering around calling their son's name trying to locate him and it made my blood pressure rise instantly. These are the only photos we got of Jack and Avery in costume, too. I managed to remember my camera, but didn't manage to charge the battery, so these pictures are from Nana's camera. Thanks Nana.

Jack as Peter Pan and Avery as Tinkerbell
Pushing Nana's cart, very important business...

Tinkerbell showing off her wings...

Peter Pan sans hat
I couldn't believe she kept the wings on the entire evening...

Over Halloween weekend we flew to California to visit friends who just had a baby girl (Quinlyn) in August. The also have a 3 year old boy (Aayden) so Jack and Avery had someone to play with while we were there.
Me pulling Jack in Aayden's wagon. We were on our way home from a neighborhood park.
Alissa trying to help Aayden, Jack and Avery swing on the tire swing. She did much better than I did. I had Jack and Avery on my lap on this swing and all three of us ended up on the ground. No one caught it on tape thankfully!
Jack playing around with Court on the slide (wearing his new Raiders gear from Auntie Alissa)
Avery flirting with Court while in Aayden's stroller (also wearing her new Raiders duds)
Family photo in front of Alissa and Hasani's house. This is all that was left of Jack and Avery's Halloween costumes. It was in the high 70's on Saturday and they were both sweating in their costumes. It was so strange to be warm on Halloween. I'm so used to being wet and cold on Halloween, it was actually a really nice change.
Blowing bubbles in the back yard. Aayden was Buzz Lightyear, Jack has his costume on halfway and Avery is in the background with only her t-shirt and neon green bottoms on.
Jack's working on cutting a molar. I think he's been chewing on his fingers for the last month. Poor guy.
Baby Quinlyn sacked out in my arms. She is such a beautiful baby girl.

Jack playing on Aayden's toy in the backyard.
Chasing bubbles