Sunday, January 31, 2010

Party for Maren and A visit with Marco

Our trip to Mexico always falls on Maren's birthday so we end up celebrating Maren's birthday a little late. We got together and Mom and Dad's house and had a yummy taco salad and cake and ice cream. Happy Birthday Mar!!

A good friend of ours has a horse and Court's been trying to coordiante with her a time for us to meet up so that Jack and Avery could meet her (Amy) and her horse (Marco). They were very intrigued and helped Amy feed Marco hay and helped brush him. Court got on him first and took him for a little ride. Avery was next and happily hopped up in Court's lap for a ride. It lasted about 2 minutes before she was done, but she enjoyed it the entire time. Jack liked holding onto the rope which is true to his control freak nature. I had a moment of panic AFTER they were on the horse that we didn't bring helmets for them. I'm still feeling guilty about it, too. Luckily, Court is a good rider and Marco was a great horse so they were in good hands, but they should have been wearing helmets. Bad mommy!

What is really funny is that tonight as they were getting out of the bath, they both straddled the bathtub railing and acted like they were riding Marco. They sat like that for a few minutes and we played, "Giddy up horsey" for a while. They told me, "Mum, lap, Mar-toh, ride". Their imagination is really developing and it's such fun to watch.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sweetness between siblings

I witnessed the sweetest interchange between Avery and Jack today. I only caught part of it on tape. These days they catch on quickly when I try to get something on video and they stop doing whatever it was I wanted to catch. Today they didn't notice me. I had turned Sesame Street on so that I could get dinner started and they ended up sitting in their chairs (a little too close to the tv I might add). I looked over and Avery was tapping Jack and saying, "hanny". She was asking him to hold her hand/hanny. He obliged and they watched the tv for a bit. This is when I got the video camera and taped the rest. When she asked for the other "hanny" that was just too much for Jack, but he tried!

They've been having a lot of conversations lately that are so fun to watch. They had a conversation the other morning about who was going to sit in which chair in front of the tv. I had no idea what they were saying except for a few bits and pieces. It is clear that Avery is the boss. She tells him how it is and he usually does what she says. It makes me giggle watching them. Avery is a little mimic these days, too. Everything I say I hear come out of her mouth 5 seconds later. It is so strange to have a little tiny person copy your mannerisms, speech patterns, and everything. I never realized that I whistled and patted my leg when calling for the dogs to come inside. Now Jack and Avery both whistle (or try to) and pat their leg when I call for the dogs. When I tell Jack that he needs to get down off the table because it's dangerous, along comes Avery, "No Jackie,... off table,... danger".

They have such sweet little things they say, too. Somehow Avery has caught on to saying thank you when given something. Whenever I give her something, anything, she always says, "thank you Mama". It melts my heart.

The second video is one I took before we went to Mexico. There were some elk in the neighbor's yard. Court hollered downstairs for Jack and Avery to look out the window so I got the camera and taped their reactions. Avery was more interested in seeing what was on the camera, but Jack thought the elk were pretty cool.

Monday, January 25, 2010

Puerto Vallarta 2010

We are back from Puerto Vallarta and I'm finally getting around to sharing some pictures and video.

The flight down was direct and went very well. J&A are such good little travelers. Here they are playing with stickers. Jack is grinning like a fox because he's sitting on his Bapa's lap. That's his favorite place to be!

Avery trying to see if she can cover her entire body in stickers...

Jack wasn't thinking the stickers on his face were all that fun, but he smiled for me anyway.

Just arriving at the airport in Puerto Vallarta. Jack and Avery insisted on having their sunglasses on, too.
Sitting in the luggage cart while holding hands. Jack's hair is curly, but the second we stepped off the plane it took on a whole new curly. The entire time in Mexico his hair was super curly from the humidity. It looked so handsome and he got lots of attention from passersby as a result.
A beautiful sunset on one of our last nights.

Dinner at our favorite street vendor, Peter & Carmen's. They loved the tacos.

Kicking back and playing around with Auntie Steffie
Avery looking cute in her tank top while playing with her Barbie that Court bought her. Yes, Court bought Avery a Barbie. I didn't do it!!

Court and Stef haggling with a beach vendor.
One too many cervezas :)

A perfect picture!! She looks like a celebrity in the making.

Out of the stroller and running around with Bapa.

Heading out for a walk with Nana and Bapa.
And a few short videos:

Admiring the crashing waves

Playing in the sand

Burying feet in the sand

On the Malecon and admiring Auntie's newest purchase

Regal Rachel - 2009 Horse of the Year

While in Mexico, we were thrilled to hear that Rachel Alexandra not only won the Eclipse award for best three year old horse, but she also won the coveted Horse of the Year Award, as well. It was an unprecented year for horse racing, and for those that love the horses because they are some of the best athletes in the world, this year was for you.

And for my beloved Rachel, who I got to see walk within six feet of me at Belmont Park this year, you deserve every accolade thrown at you. You NEVER disappointed and we will NEVER see the likes of you again in our lifetime. I just wish my Mother could have seen you too.

Her is a short video of the highlights of her historic 2009 campain. Unfortunately, I cannot take any claim to the video.