Friday, February 26, 2010

Ornery Avery

I'm not sure where my sweet little girl went, but I fear she's disappeared into terrible twodom not to be seen (but for brief glimpses here and there) for some time. Oh how I miss her already!! She's still my little cuddle bug, always wanting to sit on my lap and snuggle, but she has definitely developed very strong opinions about things. Last night she was determined to have a cookie so I gave her one. She asked for another and the one I grabbed from the box was broken. She had a major meltdown because she wanted a whole cookie, not a broken cookie. She carried on for a good ten minutes and continued on up to the bathroom for bath time. About 5 minutes into Jack's bath she decided she wasn't getting what she wanted so she undressed herself and climbed in to join him. Phew. And I thought I was stubborn; I think I've met my match. She never did eat the broken cookie either; she flat out refused it as if she was offended I would even offer her such a thing.

Today was a drippy, rainy day so I thought we ought to drag the play-doh and crayons out. The play-doh kept their attention for a good 20 minutes, then it was onto the crayons. We were approaching nap time which usually brings out the naughtiness in both of them. You'll see what I mean when you watch the video. Towards the end of the destruction Avery does the sign for "more" and then says, "more crayons".

Monday, February 22, 2010

Shadow Play

If the wind wasn't so loud and if I ever stopped talking, it would be a better video. Jack was intrigued by his shadow. If you listen, you can hear Avery talking about his shadow. She wanted to be held and was not interested in chasing or running from her shadow.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Pine cones at Rattlesnake Lake

It is a gorgeous day today. The sun is shining, not a cloud in the sky; a perfect day for a walk. We headed up to Rattlesnake Lake to find a good walking trail. The highlight of the trip was finding pine cones. They cleared up one section of walkway in their quest to find pine cones and throw them in the bushes...

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

More park play and fun with Nana and Bapa

After a stop at the grocery store, we stopped at the local elementary school to check out their big toys. We haven't been here before because school is usually in session when we are free. It was a great park with lots of slides and plenty of climbing.

Kicking the football with Nana and Bapa. Aves is in the background saying, "Jackie, Jackie, Jackie". She likes to watch the camera while I take video.

More football, this time it was Aves' turn to kick. She wanted to do it all herself, or as she says, "I Sissy Self!!"

Ready Set Go! This is their new favorite phrase, although Jack just gets "ready GO" out. At about 15 seconds into the video Avery notices (apparently for the first time) that Bapa has whiskers. She is very interested in it and then has to go feel Nana's face and check to see if Mama has whiskers, too!

Ready Set Go Again! This is a good example of Jack saying, "Ready GO". Avery has no fear and she'll just jump off of anything if someone is nearby, it doesn't matter to her if they are paying attention to her or not. She just assumes that someone will catch her; she has such faith. So far she hasn't gotten hurt, but I think one of these days she's going to jump and nobody will be there to catch her.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Rainy day recess...

Today is mid-winter break for most folks so all of our regular activities are on hiatus. We have cabin fever and Jack and Avery have colds and it just seemed easier to take them out than try to entertain them at home. We headed to the Crossroads Mall and road all of their .25 cent rides. It was a great time until Jack decided that he no longer needed to listen to me, nor did he need to hold my hand. When I am out with them alone, the rule is that they hold my hand. Avery keeps me on task with that rule (she will scold me by saying, "Mama, hanny!!") and Jack is forever trying to break the rule. There ended our fun...

Here are some videos while we were still having a good time!

We found the race car first and of course Jack has to be the first to drive it. He just can't help himself.

Avery driving to Nana and Bapa's house

Flying the helicopter. Jack really really wanted to ride this one, but once he was in it, he wanted out. He's saying, "all done", partway through the ride.

I think the Choo Choo was a little too slow for them...and a bit crowded!

Monday, February 15, 2010

Weekend activities...

We had a fun-filled three day weekend. We spent Saturday at the Cougar Mountain Zoo in Issaquah. Every time we visit, they seem to enjoy it even more. Not many pictures from that day though, we didn't bring the stroller so there was too much chasing going on to stop for photo ops!!

Admiring some of the parrots/macaws and trying to say cheese for the camera! Here, their mum was telling them that she used to have a macaw just like these. They were rather impressed with the birds until we came across one rather vocal bird. Avery just looked concerned, but Jack wanted out of there right now and he was not about to get down and walk on his own. Once they were out of sight, he was back on the ground running like a crazy man.

Sunday, we headed to Nana and Bapa's house for a visit. Julian and the kids ended up coming as well which was great. Court and I snuck away for a dinner just ourselves. It was such a nice treat and I never forget how lucky we are to have family nearby to allow us these luxuries. Thank you, Mom and Dad!!

Before we left for dinner, we spent some time outside kicking balls and mutilating, I mean, playing with flowers.
Jack kicking the ball with his Bapa
Avery adores her cousin, Lillian. She was leading her all over the place and not letting her out of her sight.
Lillian is so sweet with both Jack and Avery, but Avery isn't interested in sharing Lillian with anyone especially with her brother!

Hansen and Lillian playing around in the back yard. Preston is in the background showing his soccer skills. Now whenever Jack sees a soccer ball, he says, "Preston, ball, kick"

Should I kick it or throw it? Decisions....

Playing Ring Around the Rosie with Nana, "and we all fall down!"
Today we ventured out with Auntie Steffie to Woodland Park Zoo expecting the best weather of the weekend. Boy were we surprised when we got there. It was completely fogged in and it was cold, cold, cold. Avery was having a hard time because she just came down with an awful cold. We made the most of it and visited the sloth bear, the giraffes, the hippos, the lions and the tigers. We ended the trip by stopping at Zoomazium so they could run their wiggles out. No pictures though. The highlight for me was a stop at Dick's and it was as good as I remember. Yum!! It was a busy and fun-filled Valentine weekend.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Moving onto St Paddy's Day....

These headbands were in the dollar bins at Target and I couldn't resist them. My children are oh so compliant when I ask them to look at me and smile. These three photos are the best of about 30 that I took...

I consider it a success that the headbands remained on their heads at all!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

First Official Refrigerator Art...

It's a crappy quality image, but at least you get the idea. This is J&A's first official art project for the fridge. We are into our second week of their Hot Tots Science Class at the local community center. The first week they made mittens and decorated them. This week they got to decorate Valentine pictures using colored ice like popsicle sticks. It was a clever idea. The teacher froze water with food coloring in it and stuck a straw in it so they could use it to twirl around on the paper. My kids, of course, had to lick them. Avery has an affinity for ice and whenever we go out to eat she is forever fishing ice chips out of anyone's drink that she can reach. They were interested enough in the project and the melting ice that they only tasted it a couple of times. Anyway, yet another milestone. I love that I can put their art work on the fridge. It makes me smile every time I see it.

Nana and Bapa were over on Wednesday and a hat from my childhood got dragged out. We grew up next to a woman and her husband and they were always referred to as Grandma Helen and Grandpa George even though there was no family connection. She knit me this hat when I was a little kid and now Jack and Avery like to play with it.
Avery in her pretty dress from Auntie Suzie and the lovely hat to top it off!!

Jack with his favorite person (Bapa) and his favorite pastime (driving) wearing the hat.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

Play time at the Park

The uncommonly warm weather has taken us outside lately. There is a wonderful park out here, Torguson Park, that has a brand new big toy. We spent the morning there on Wednesday and had tons of fun. Jack and Avery are now starting to give goofy smiles whenever I point the camera in their direction. It is almost impossible to get a true smile from Jack anymore.

Goofy smile. He's at the top of the slide and oh so happy to be there.
Avery's goofy smile doesn't look too much different from her regular smile.

Major goofiness while sitting on top of the table (major no no)

This is while I'm telling Avery that tables are not for sitting on. She is getting really good at pretending to ignore you. Here she is acting so interested in her shoes so she can act like she doesn't hear me.
But, look at that face. She knows she's not supposed to be up there...
Swinging on the little kid swings. They have almost outgrown them.
Jack enjoyed swinging on the big kid swings on his tummy. He's tall enough that he can do it and still reach the dirt and kick it all over the place.
Aves' silly face.
A funny series:
Being goofy together
A seriousness is about to take over Aves' face
Now she's totally serious. The next words out of her mouth were, "Jackie....boogie....nose", then she proceeded to climb down off the toy.

Jack's fake smile....
Aves' fake smile....
Major static!!

Avery wasn't so sure of herself on the slide at first, but she gained her confidence. When I went to help her she said, "I Sissy Self (self is pronounce, felf)!!!" very adamently. It's her new favorite phrase, translation, "I'll do it myself!"

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Hot Tots

Our term at Little Gym ended in January and rather than renew we decided to try something new. Mt. Si Community Center offers a toddler program with a complete class schedule. I've signed Jack and Avery up for the Hot Tots Science class and the Hot Tot Art class. We attended the first science class today. We learned about thermometers and how they work. Teacher Jennifer showed us how mittens don't stay warm on their own, but if you put your hands in them they keep the warmth in. The little craft project was designing your own pair of (paper) mittens.

Jack and Avery were a couple of the youngest in the class, but they did well. They stayed on task, relatively speaking, and didn't get too crazy. There were a couple of older boys in the class that were running around so I thought Jack might join in, but he didn't. I think by the end of the 4 weeks he may be running around with them though, once he's warmed up to the place.

Some photos:

Avery showing me her mitten she used to test her thermometer
She picked the striped one of course, the rest were solid boring!!

Jack smiling for the camera. I think Avery may be licking or chewing the table. Gross.

They look so little at the big people table. I always make them sit on their behinds on chairs. I had to relax the rule and let them kneel on the chairs otherwise they couldn't even see their mittens!