Thursday, April 29, 2010

1 Year Ago

There's nothing interesting or special about a year ago today. I was just a little nostalgic and wanting to look back at Jack and Avery when they were littler. I haven't looked at older photos of them for quite some time so I spent the last hour doing just that. I wanted to see what they looked like a year ago and what we were doing.

I guess they haven't been cooperating for group shots for some time. We spent the day at the Skagit Valley tulips a year ago today. I was still using my nice camera because I wasn't having to chase after them at that point. It bums me out that I can't use that camera more than I do right now. It's just not possible with their busy little bodies and their busy little hands. I have to have something that I can put in my pocket in order to chase one or both of them down. Anyway, that's not the point.
Jack's curls have hardly even started showing up here. Now when I think of him I feel like he's always had the curls.
Thank goodness he's not eating dirt anymore...although I'm not sure worms are much better. I hope he doesn't do the same with slugs when he discovers them.

Such a cute little girl. It's hard to believe that her hair has gotten lighter, but she is definitely blonder now than she was then.
She still has that same smile though!!
And she still has that same scowl, too! Jack still gets lost in his exploration and tunes the world out.

Cabin Fever

It's been raining and raining and raining for days. I finally got sick of being inside and braved the back yard and all of its muddiness.

It was before lunchtime and that's never a good time for Avery. She is a girl who needs her sleep and the smallest things set her off when she's tired. Anyway, she was actually agreeable to the photo op and she follows directions superbly. I asked her to sit next to Jack and put her arm around him. For whatever reason when I said, "Smile and look at Mama", they did but they wouldn't look at me. In the first picture I think they are looking at the ground, no amount of asking on my part would get them to look at me. It pretty much went downhill from there. Anyone who has had success getting two toddlers to look at the camera at the same time needs to tell me how they've done it. I can't seem to make it happen.

Jack still loves his worms. This morning Avery was adamant that she have a worm as well. I knew she didn't mean it so I waited to see if she kept asking. She wouldn't let it go, of course. In this video, Jack is carrying his little worm around. Avery remembered that I had told him not to pull on them the last time we found worms. In her best mommy voice, she reprimands Jack for pulling on it and tries to stop him.

This is taken just after I dug up a worm for Avery and gave it to her. Just as I expected, she was NOT happy that there was a worm nearby. Out goes the bottom lip and the brow gets all furrowed. How dare I ask her to play with a worm! I can't win :).......Sigh.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Morning play time with friends

We headed into the city to visit our friends, Angelica, Stella and Fiona.  Stella and Fiona are such sweet natured girls, they make Jack and Avery look like animals!!  Here is a little clip of them playing together.  Stella is in the white shirt and Fiona is in the pink flowery shirt.  I love Stella's little smile when she runs up to me.  Avery was trying to mother all of the kids and it was a lot of work for her.  She has a hard enough time trying to control Jack, but add 2 more kids to the mix and it gets frustrating for a girl.   You can hear Avery saying, "hide again".

Sunday, April 25, 2010

Cougar Mountain Zoo

We spent the morning at the Cougar Mountain Zoo today.  Jack and Avery love it because they get a lot of freedom to run and play without holding someone's hand. 

 Admiring one of the cougars and disobeying the "no climbing" rule. 
 Heading over to the tiger exhibit with Mum
 He threw a rock and then wanted it was a stretch, but he got it.
 Disobeying the "no climbing on statues" rule.  Nobody came after us so I didn't insist he get off.

Avery was obsessed with the Lion's ears.  She wanted to hold onto them and go for a ride.

Another example of my mini-mommy, Avery.  Everything I say, I hear come out of her mouth.  At the end she guides him out of the enclosure and onto the next exhibit.

Friday, April 23, 2010


We arrived home last night from our trip to Disneyland. What fun! Jack and Avery did so well with the long days and short naps in their strollers. They are just waking up from their naps right now so my commentary will be short but I've included pictures and some short videos.

Stretching their legs during lunchtime one day.

Walking through the treehouse in the Jungle area. I am so bad with the names of things in Disneyland and I know there's a better name for this, but I don't know what it is.

Aves taking a little cat nap in her stroller.

Court bulged a disc in her back a few weeks ago and up until days before we left she could hardly walk. The entire trip was in jeopardy, but she rallied and rented a little buggy to get around while we were there. Jack loved the buggy more than anything and was always asking to ride Mum's "motor".

Aves taking a walk with her Nana.

Dinner the night we arrived. We went with my folks, Auntie Steffie, my Aunt Sue, cousin Annie and her husband Kraig and their children, Alex, Claire and Miles.

On the plane down to Disneyland.
Avery really loves music. We stopped to watch a little show starring a couple of chipmunks. If you watch Avery, you'll notice her little wiggles to the music.

The hardest thing for Jack and Avery was being confined to their strollers so much of the time. There were a few areas where they could get out and run around, but for the most part it was either holding hands with an adult or riding in the stroller. Jack doesn't like to do either, so it was hard for him. Here, they are holding hands with each other. It was brief but very sweet.

Evidence of Jack's love affair with the "motor". I was asking him to say crocodile because we'd just been on a ride where there was a crocodile and he said it so cutely, I just couldn't hear it enough.

Riding the shuttle bus to the airport to go home. Jack would've preferred that I not sit next to him at all. He wanted to be a big boy and do it himself. He now says, "Jackie yelf!". Avery has always said, "I Sissy self", but it's only been recently that Jack was shown an interest in doing it himself. Boy oh boy!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Playing outside with Nana

Jack discovered a worm. In this 3 minute video he doesn't utter a word until the end when he says, "Jackie...take...Liddy" which translates that he wants to show Sissy the worm. You have to watch the last 5 seconds are so, they are the best!

And this is playing peek a boo in the trees. At one point Avery "hides" in plain sight next to a tree. I love the look on her face.

And a couple of photos from the day's explorations:

Friday, April 9, 2010

A Day in the Life

I've tended to take video of Avery and Jack lately rather than pictures.  I am so entertained by their interactions and the things they say, they just crack me up.  I know it's not as funny to outsiders, but I'm sharing them anyway!!

This video is right before naptime and evidence of Avery as a "mommy in the making".  She's trying to get him to take his "fuzzy" and go upstairs.  She says, "Budddyyy, come on." and "Stop, Buddy" or "Stop, Jack".  It goes on and on for about 4 minutes which is a little too long, but I think it's funny to watch them.  I'm their mom though, so I'm supposed to think everything they do is funny and cute.

I was preparing dinner and had the soup in a pot on the stove.  Both of them wanted their own pots and spoons, so I set them up on the floor.  It lasted a lot longer than I expected before Jack lost interest.  A few minutes after I stopped taping, Jack couldn't help himself and dumped his pot of water all over the floor....sigh.

I must confess, sometimes when I'm cooking dinner and they won't leave me alone, I turn on the tv.  Their favorite show drives me absolutely batty, but they love it.  If you have young children and they have yet to discover Caillou, don't let them see it.  It's like crack!  This is a short video of my children being taken over by the tv aliens...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Tulip Town

My friend, Cindi, organized a trip up to the tulips in Skagit Valley (Mount Vernon, WA) for a group of us, including Nana and Bapa. Last year, the weather was beautiful: blue skies, warm weather, no coats. This year it was dry at least, but so, so cold. The temperature would have been tolerable if the wind hadn't been blowing so hard. We had to find cover halfway through the visit and have a cup of hot chocolate. We went back out for a ride around the fields on a tractor, then we were done for the day.

Avery found this tulip on the ground
"See, Mama!"

Tulip Photo - Attempt #1
Tulip Photo - Attempt #2 (Puddle in sight)
Tulip Photo - Attempt #3, aborted.

Cold and windy from the tulip viewpoint

Splashing in the mud:

Riding the tractor:

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Fun!!

We headed to Burien for some Easter festivities this morning. We braved the cold weather to wait outside for the toddler egg hunt. Jack and Avery didn't quite get it, but still managed to get some candy. Nana helped Avery and Auntie Steffie helped Jack so that I could take video of it.

The pictures upload backwards on Blogger (one of my pet peeves) so here they are in reverse order.

On the ride home (I am stopped at a light). We are about 5 minutes into the ride home and already Jack's eyes are heavy.
Avery was asleep in about two minutes. I like this picture because you can tell by her mouth that she just lost her thumb. She was soo exhausted that she just couldn't hold it in her mouth any longer, but her mouth is still in thumb-sucking form!!
The before shot of the toddler Easter egg hunt
Smiling with Cousin Lillie and Nana
Cousin Hansen waiting so patiently for his turn at "the hunt". His age group was the last to go. Nana with Jack and Avery
Maren and Julian
Jack with his Bapa and Auntie Steffie and Mike

Loading them in for the hunt (they allowed 10 kids at a time which was perfect). Jack's in a light blue hoodie and Avery's in a yellow hoodie.

Ready, Set, Go!!! They look a little dazed and confused about what they are supposed to be doing. Avery got the hang of it first, I think. Stef said Jack got distracted by a worm and also noticed that one kid had a basket in the shape of a frog so he kept saying, "ribby"!!

This is the end of the hunt. You can see Jack picking a (wrapped) piece of chocolate up off the ground and sticking it straight into his mouth!

And the end of the hunt, still looking a little dazed and confused.