Sunday, May 30, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend 2010

My mom hosted a BBQ at her house for any family that was in town. There were just under 20 of us in all. I only managed to get pictures of the littlest ones though.
Jack, Cousin Maggie, and Avery jump jump jumping in the crib at Nana's house.
Falling down, taking "naps", then getting back up to jump some more!
Everyone mid-jump!!
Maggie was catching some major air. She jumped so much she lost her hair clip!!

There were some, "and we all fall down" moments as well.
About finished with the jumping for the moment, they were wearing themselves out!
Jack lost interest in the jumping and decided to play hide and seek with Hansen. He's hiding behind the prom dresses. All you can see is his khaki pants if you look really hard (on the very left of the photo under the blue lacy number)
Two little mommies in the making tending to their dollies with Auntie Amy and Nana looking on.

Video of jumping in the crib:

Toddler bumper cars?? Typically when we get home, I unbuckle Avery then Jack and we just head into the house, but not tonight. I guess they weren't done with their wild and crazies from earlier in the day. They rediscovered their walkers and this is what ensued. It is a bit after 6pm so the light is fading. Sometimes I feel like my kids are Energizer bunnies...

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

First trip to the movie theatre!!

Our local theatre has Mommy Matinee on Wednesdays. I heard that they were playing the new Shrek movie and since Jack and Avery love the original Shrek, I thought I'd take them and see how it went. It was only $5 to get in (kids under 3 are free) so if it failed I didn't feel like it would be that big of a deal. My friend, Angelica, and her two girls, Stella and Fiona, joined us. For different reasons, we both ended up arriving late so we entered the theatre in the pitch black. I was prepared for crying and screaming, but Jack and Avery and Stella and Fiona did great. And I am proud to say that all 6 of us sat through the entire movie. I was particularly impressed that Stella and Fiona made it because they'd never seen Shrek before and Shrek can be a bit intimidating to a toddler at first.

In the lobby after the movie let out. We were waiting for Angelica so I asked the kids to go stand by the wall so I could take their picture. I thought they did pretty well at listening!

Avery in her Lambeau Field sweatshirt from my longtime friend, Nicole, who lives in Wisconsin! She got it for her birthday last year and she finally gets to wear it!!

Avery standing in front of her chair at the end of the movie. She sat in her own chair for 90% of the movie and only briefly tried to run down the aisle.

Jack sat next to me for most of the movie, but towards the end he wanted to sit in his own seat in his own row (one row in front of me)
Lunchtime at Jay Berry's. We had a great time and we're so glad that Angelica, Stella and Fiona joined us!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Recent Videos

It makes me smile when Jack finds something bigger, higher, better to jump from. On Monday, we visited the indoor playground in North Bend and Jack decided he'd rather jump from the slide rather than slide down the slide...the laugh at the end is a new thing. He now gets this devlish laugh when he's impressed with himself.

Jack has always been a master of the very sad cry. He has a few things going for him; his lower lip makes him look oh so sad, he can turn on the water works at the drop of a hat, and he has the loudest cry of any child I've ever known. Avery is a master of torment, especially where her brother is concerned. The girl can push buttons like nobody's business. We had been happily playing with a little ball. I was hiding it in boxes and getting Jack and Avery to guess which box it was hiding under. It was Jack's turn to hide the ball, but instead of Avery or me finding it, Jack would find it. He's so funny. Avery had taken a turn and it was Jack's turn again. Avery decides she's going to put a wrench in things and run off with the box. Jack is DEVASTATED to say the least. Even after Avery gives the box back, he continues to scream. At the end, Jack tells me he's sad, "Jackie lad". Avery goes over and gives him a pat and a few kisses to make him all better. I think she even says, "Jackie happy now" near the end.

This video is taken shortly after they discovered that not only do their magnets stick to the fridge, they also stick to the dishwasher. What fun!! I only caught the tail end of it on tape. What I think is cute is that they still use some of their signs that they used as infants before they could talk. Avery shakes her hands when she says, "all done", the same way she signed it when she was younger. Jack says "all done", but does his sign for "more". Avery directs the entire operation and tells Jack to take the airplane off the refrigerator and then shows him where he needs to place it on the dishwasher. She IS the boss afterall :)

Thursday, May 20, 2010

A Taste of Summer

What a tease it was yesterday. It was a gorgeous day up until about 2pm and then the storm arrived. Lucky for us, Nana and Bapa came to play and we spent the day outside enjoying the warm weather and sunshine. Today it is still raining and about 60 degrees outside. Yuck.

While Nana and Bapa were here yesterday, we played outside and ate lunch outside as well. Jack and Avery got filthy from watering the plants and splashing in the mud so before we headed in we stripped them down. For Jack and Avery that was just the beginning of the fun. They spent the next hour or so just happy as can be, naked as jaybirds!!

I posted a bunch of pictures to the May picasa album to the right. I debated on posting ALL the naked pictures but decided against it.

Fun with the hose!
"waking up" from a pretend nap in the grass
Making raspberry sounds with Bapa

Monday, May 17, 2010

Squirmy Worms and Sassy Seedlings

We had a wonderful weekend.  We spent Saturday morning at a class titled, "Squirmy Worms and Sassy Seedlings", at City People's Garden on Madison in Seattle.  It was a free class put on by Seattle Tilth.  I could do something like it every week.  I wish someone would start something like this in our area.  Jack and Avery learned all about worms, how they appear when they are "pregnant", that soil is just worm poop, how to plant a seed, etc.  Jack loved digging in the compost pile to find worms.  Court was helping him find critters, and he even let a little potato bug crawl around on his arm. 

Avery really wanted to enjoy it as much as Jack, but as soon as she realized there were worms involved, she just wanted to watch.  Auntie Steffie joined us and Avery was attached to her the entire time.  At one point she reached up to grab Court's hand and when she realized it wasn't Auntie Steffie, she pulled her little hand away and said, "Nnoooooo, Auntie Steffie hand!!". 
Checking out the compost pile.  Court is helping Jack in the far right of the photo.  Court is in the baseball cap and red sweatshirt and Jack has a tan shirt on with blue sandals.
Avery and her BFF, Auntie Steffie
Jack and Avery with Mum.  (Avery's in the green shirt)
Jack with his buddies, Jake and Violet, learning about worms and dirt.
Sitting in the rocking chair at City People's Garden.  If you look closely you can see that they are actually holding hands :)
Almost both looking and smiling...

And a short video of the afternoon:

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

It was the perfect Mother's Day. I got flowers delivered to me yesterday afternoon from Jack and Avery and as you can see they are beautiful. I love them.

Today, we met family at Seahurst Beach for a picnic. The weather couldn't have been more perfect. It was calm and warm the entire day. I didn't get any pictures, but a got a short video of Jack and Avery playing in the water. I only wish I'd kept the camera rolling 5 seconds longer. You see, Jack was getting bolder and bolder about splashing in the water. I was getting a little worried that he was going to to on a dead run right into the water and I was going to have to go in after him, fully clothed. The Puget Sound is not warm, either. It is the kind of water that makes your feet ache when you step in it. You see Jack go face first into the water and Nana reach for him and just as I turned off the camera to assist, Nana went down. So Jack and Nana sat in the water (up to their tummies) for a moment while Jack recovered his composure. I have no idea how Nana handled it. It was freezing!! Yet another reason why Nana rocks and is the best mama/nana ever!! She is also a very smart mama, she brought a change of clothes.

And this video was taken prior to the dunk. I cracked up watching Avery. Every time the waves would break (and they were tiny little waves) should totally jumped. I just don't think she expected the noise.

My other gift was from Court and Stef. Since I no longer have an office in corporate America, I guess you could say my new office is the kitchen. I feel like I spend just as much time in it as I did in my office at my old job. So Court got me an amazing knife. I have no idea the specifications, but it was from a specialty store and it looks really cool, like the ones the chefs on tv use. I can't wait to try it out. Now I just need to make sure I don't slice open a finger or something!! Thank you, Court and Stef, for the wonderful gift.