Thursday, June 17, 2010


Avery and Jack's latest favorite thing to do is swing. They have taken to swinging from the counters in the kitchen and a friend of mine had just bought a pull up bar for her two kids, so I decided I'd do the same. Jack and Avery love it!!

Just before this video was taken Avery asked me to push her dolly's grocery cart and I told her I was too tired to do it. Her response was, "I go get your fuzzy!". So off she went to find her blanket and Jack's blanket. Jack is clearly uninterested in receiving his fuzzy when she delivers it to him. Avery is so good at pushing his buttons!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Puddle Jumper

We headed out to play at our local park today. It was warm and a little overcast and I was thinking we'd get a little wet, but I wasn't expecting the humongous puddles that Jack discovered. No point in fighting it though so I just watched...

Avery never did step one toe in the puddles, I thought for sure she'd join in since she has in the past, but she was not interested in it at all. She was content to stomp on mole holes and saying, "ewww, yuck" every time Jack jumped in the puddles!!

Oh and I also have to brag a little bit because I"m so proud of myself. We've had a king sized bed in the guest room since we've lived here and it has always been on the floor and has always bugged me. I finally ordered a hollywood frame for it on amazon and it arrived today. I couldn't resist and once the kids woke up from their nap I dragged it upstairs and asked them to "help" me disassemble the king sized bed and box spring so that I had room to assemble the frame. Ever tried to lift a king sized pillow top mattress by yourself, in order to get the box springs out from under it while keeping 2 two year olds safe? It's a challenge, to put it lightly. They helped me assemble the frame by confiscating bolts and sticking them in their mouths, then walking off with the casters to the frame, then sliding down the mattress that was precariously propped against the wall. After about an hour the frame was assembled, the box springs were on the frame and the mattress was plopped on top of it and I was sweating like a pig. Not one injury in the entire process, not even a broken nail on any of us. No wonder my back hurts tonight, though!!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Little Helpers

I got the vacuum out to do a little deep cleaning around the house (under couches and cushions and such) thinking that I wouldn't get very far since neither Jack nor Avery care for the vacuum.  To my surprise they did well.  Jack ended up pushing the vaccum around himself and Avery took some of the attachments and copied what I was doing (and in so doing, she misplaced one of the pieces and had me on the hunt all day).

Later in the day it was time to unload the dishwasher.  Avery is a superhelper with the dishwasher.  She usually hands me one piece at a time and I put them away.  Today as we were doing our routine, I noticed one of the kitchen table chairs moving across the floor towards the kitchen counter.  I knew Jack was up to no good so I grabbed the camera.  There is very little video of Avery emptying the dishwasher because I was too distracted by Jack trying to climb onto the kitchen counter.  You can hear her in the background, though.  She takes one utensil at a time and puts them away in the proper drawer.  They don't necessarily make it in the right receptacle, but they are in the correct drawer and that's good enough for me!

The latest favorite toy is the remote control car Jack got from Auntie Steffie.  This is a 2 minute video of them playing with it.  They get so amped up running away from it and jumping over it.  Avery gets so excited then all of a sudden decides she's freaked out so she takes five on the couch then returns for more.

The last video is from a few nights ago.  They were playing "get you, get you" with Mum.  Again, Avery loves to play but her imagination gets the best of her and she gets freaked out.  She would run to my lap for protection, then decide she'd want to play, too, go out and play, then run back to me.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Conversations with Jack and Avery

Avery and Jack have started to develop into these imaginative little creatures and it is completely fascinating to watch. We have been doing a lot of pretend play lately and it usually is pretending to go to sleep, pretending to take a bath, pretending to make a meal, pretending to clean up...really anything that mirrors our daily routine.

Jack's new word as of today is, "DON'T" and he has used it to excess in just one day. I am sure I only have myself to blame for that. I really need to be more careful about my choice of words because they will surely come back to haunt me.

Avery seems to have moved beyond her horrible crazy terrible twos and into a more reasonable two year-old. Now it's Jack's turn to be a little terror. He flat out ignores me and he's really strong and his choice of misbehaving is hitting things and throwing things. So, we'll see where this goes.

Anyway, back to our playtime and conversations...This video is of Avery leading some play "nap time". She wanted me to "you go seep too....your banket" with her and wanted to know where my "fuzzy" was. Partway through, Jack discovers the "potty book" and has a conniption over it and wants me to read it, he says, "poddy, poddy, poddy, poddy, poddy book!!"

And tonight we had some excitement at bedtime. We were reading our books and their eyes were just starting to get heavy when I noticed a flash out the window (closed curtains and blinds). It was bright enough that I turned and opened the curtain and lifted the blinds to see if someone was out there with a light....and then the thunder hit. It was some of the loudest thunder I've heard that I can remember. It made my heart pound and then I looked at their faces and they both had looks of terror and they were looking at me as if to ask, "should I be scared, I am, but do I need to be?" So a typical bedtime routine got derailed with discussions about scary thunder or "luuther". Avery said, "no yike it, luther, scary...icky". I told her it would go away and we could keep listening to it while it went away. Each one was less dramatic and about 3 episodes in we decided it was time to say bye bye to the thunder. Avery waved out the window and said, "bye bye luther, see you next week!!". I don't think she understands the term, "see you next week" because I'm pretty sure she never wants to hear thunder ever again. It is just that when we are playing and saying goodbye to each other she often says that..."goodbye Mommy, see you next week!" It's part of her goodbyes. Nonetheless, I had to stifle a major giggle when she said it. I thought to myself that I had to write it down so I don't forget it when she's older.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Thank You Auntie Brenda!!

Court flew to Montana last week for her nephew's graduation. Congratulations, Kegan!! Anyway, she brought a little something back for me from Brenda. Avery quickly proclaimed, "That's MY coat!"

Avery spun around in it, but didn't want to say thank you as we were requesting.  Jack, however, was happy to say thank you to Auntie Brenda.  At one point Court or I ask them who gave us the coat and Jack replies, "Uncle Lolo...Papa Dale".  We have a picture of Court's brother, Lloyd, with their Dad, Dale, hanging on the wall in our family room (and we talk about them often) so I guess when they think of one of them they automatically think of the other.  It's really sweet.  While Court was in Montana, I would ask them where Mum went and the response was something like this, "Mum, way up high, airplane, Mum working, Uncle Lolo house, Papa Dale".

Yesterday, we braved the yucky weather and headed outside.  We lucked out and remained dry the entire time outside....well not dry, but we didn't get rained on.  We planted some sweet pea seeds from Nana.  This is our second try; the first time we planted them just before leaving for Disneyland and they didn't survive without water for that many days.  They may not bloom until Fall, but that's okay.  It will be something to watch and for the kids to keep an eye on.

Avery and Jack actually helped plant the seeds and the second they heard me say that we needed to water them, they were on the hunt for watering cans.  This is a clip of them watering the plants.  Avery masterfully makes her way to the seeds and waters them.  Jack....well, not so much.  You can hear him in the background saying, "more water, oh more water....Jackie more water!"

Then it was off to their sand table...