Tuesday, July 27, 2010

More Outside Play

More playtime outside.  When we bought this house, I had no idea how much we'd use it after we had kids.  I'm so thankful we have all this space and grass to run around.  As soon as the sun started shining through the clouds this morning, we headed outside. 
 Otter Pops before lunch, I ought to win Mommy of the Year!

 Not many smiles from Jack today.  He's still feeling pretty crummy today.

Last night, I discovered a nest of baby robins in our honeysuckle.  They are so young they hardly have any feathers.  They just sit in their nest with their heads pointed to the sky and their mouths wide open hoping their mama will come and bring them a worm.  It's the cutest thing.  The nest is in the dead center of the image and if you click on the image and make it bigger you can probably get a look at some little birdy heads.

 Avery was flirting with me while I took her picture.  She looks like she's up to no good here.
 Jack refused to look at me for any of the pictures....again, not feeling so hot today.
 Not looking at you no matter how many times you ask!
 Here's a good one.  I didn't realize how much taller he was than Aves until I looked at this picture. 

 Still no smile.

 She just noticed the lens on the camera and that it changes when I push down on the shutter (or whatever it's called).  She was intrigued...
 Still curious about the camera lens.
 LOVE that face!!

And some videos.  Last year, my cousin Angie posted a video on her blog of her son eating fresh peas out of their garden.  At the time I was so in love with that video and the idea of my own kids doing the same that I swore I'd plant them the next year...and I did.   Here is Jack picking all the peas out of the pea pod.  Avery wouldn't put them in her mouth.  She was also obsessed (as you can hear in the background) about a slug we discovered that she named Slimey.  She was terrified of him and it took some major discussions to assure her that he wouldn't hurt her and he doesn't move much at all.

This last video is another conversation with Avery.  Sometimes I have a hard time following her because our talks don't generally make any sense from beginning to end.  They end up being little snippets of a bunch of different topics.  This one starts out about a surprise for me, then turns into a talk about my birthday, a surprise for my birthday, then about birthday cake and that you eat it with a fork. The video ends with Jack hucking rocks in his basketball hoop. He's lucky none of them landed on his toes...

Monday, July 26, 2010

Conversations with toddlers...

We attend an Ostergard family reunion on Sunday and so many of the families were able to make it.  The one disadvantage to having such a large family is that there is no way to actually talk to everyone.  It was a wonderful park down in Centralia, called Fort Borst Park.  I know a lot of my mommy friends are always looking for places to let their kids run around so if you're ever passing through Centralia and need a place to stop, it's right off the freeway. 

The highlight for me of the reunion was getting a picture of my dad with his 93 year-old mother and all of his siblings (11 kids in total). 

Lucky for us, the warm weather has continued.  Today we stuck close to home because Jack's got some sort of a cold that has him in a crappy mood and it's just easier to have him at home where the meltdowns don't bother other people.  We had a great time in the backyard as usual.  Here is a video of Avery telling me about an ant and his mommy and what goes on in their day....

And this conversation with Avery is about the strawberry that Jack picked yesterday and was supposed to share with Avery but he stuffed the whole thing in his mouth.  I was assuring her that she could pick the next one and eat the whole thing.  She thought about it then said, "I no want whow fing....might choke"....and on and on.

This is a video from the reunion.  I missed the first part of it, but Jack was making raspberry noises at Preston and Preston was saying, "Ewww!" back at Jack.  Jack thought it was hilarious and Avery thought Jack and Preston were hilarious. 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Nana and Bapa were out today for their regular Wednesday visit.  Lately, since Hansen and Lillie have been out of school they have joined us in the Wednesday fun.  Our back yard is turning into a great place to hang out for kids.  We spent most of the day outside.  We played in the trampoline and Hansen and Lillie showed Jack and Avery some of their tricks.  Jack desperately wants to jump and spin and land like Hansen, but I'm sure in time he will catch up and be jumping right along with him.

We all worked up an appetite and Bapa didn't disappoint.  We were served a delicious dinner of waffles, sausage, bacon and eggs.  Breakfast for dinner is one of my favorite meals.

Eating a ymmy dinner prepared by Bapa: waffles, sausage, bacon and eggs.  Thank you, Bapa!!

Avery making a splash on the homemade waterslide, thanks to Nana!

Avery busy dumping water in and out of the pool

A couple of videos below of our afternoon fun on the homemade waterslide.  You have to listen for Avery's squeal of joy after she lands at the bottom of the slide.  If you look closely you can see her tongue hanging out.  That's a sure sign that Avery's enjoying herself!!

I took this last video yesterday.  We were having a little orange juice after they woke up from their nap and talking about things.  Avery started talking about how Jack is her brother.  I love how she says the word brother.  Anyway, it was a really sweet interchange and then there are kisses and hugs and then Jack wants to give me a hug and starts to climb over the table to me so I had to put the camera down.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Trampoline Fun

It's no shocker that we've spent much of the last few days in the trampoline.  Avery gets a little bent out of shape when Jack jumps too close to her or too high.  She seems to be coming around though.  We played in it this morning and she was a bit better about jumping around and playing in it. 

Cindi came over on Sunday with Ian and Miles and we jumped some more. 


Stef took this video on Saturday after Thomas the Train.  We went to McDonald's for lunch and Jack found great pleasure in scaring his Bapa with the bat toy that came with his Happy Meal.  At the end someone in the family next to us yelled for their Jack to see if he was ready to go and it ended the play time for Jack, too.

It was filmed in portrait and for some reason when I flipped it, it squished the image so it looks a little weird, but you can still see Jack and hear his giggles...

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Thomas the Train and Trampolines!!!

Today was the day we went to see Thomas the Train at the Snoqualmie Train Depot.  What fun!!  I'm not sure what was more fun for Jack and Avery, the ride on the school bus or the ride on Thomas the Train.  Either way it was great fun.  We went with Nana, Bapa and Auntie Steffie. 

All grins on the school bus
Peeking out the window of the school bus
Getting ready to go for a ride on Thomas
Sitting like a big girl on the train
Nana and her little ones
Trying to smile for the camera
Mum and her girl
Beautiful picture from the train.  Stef took this along with many of the other photos on this post.  Thank you for sharing your pictures, Stef!!
Playing with the choo choos at the Day Out With Thomas event
In heaven!!
Sissy was having fun, too.
If you look closely at her mouth you can see that she's saying, "choo choo!!"

The other two highlights of the day were going to McDonald's for lunch with everyone and then stopping at Sport Authority and buying a trampoline for the backyard.
Jack found a bouncy ball in a bin and somehow got himself into this shelf to play with the ball.  Stef got this picture...

While the kids napped, Stef, Court and I put together the entire trampoline in record time.  We wanted to have it done so they could see it and play on it when they woke up...

I think we'll have a hard time getting Jack to come out for meals and naptime and bedtime from now on!!  He is in LOVE with the trampoline.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bucket or Pool?

I really need to get my act together and get a new kiddie pool before summer is over.  The one we got two summers ago is ruined from the cold weather this last winter so it's in a heap in the back waiting for the next trip to the dump. 

Jack and Avery had such fun with the slip 'n slide at Court's birthday party, I think I need to get them one of those as well. 

Jack and Avery have been playing in one of my gardening buckets and splashing in a little sprinkler, too....

Also, Stef shared her pictures and video with me from Court's party and she got some funny stuff.  The video below is of Avery playing on the slip 'n slide with her cousins Lillie and Claire.  She was loving all the attention from her older cousins and having a blast in the water.  The funniest part of the video is after she gets up from the slip 'n slide.  She looks at her Nana then runs off and squeals in delight, then notices someone's cake and ice cream plate on the ground next to her.  She quickly turns around, grabs a couple of handfuls of cake, shovels one handful in her mouth, drops the other handful back on the plate and continues on.  What a goofball!!

And one more slip 'n slide clip from Auntie Steffie...

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

40th Birthday Bash

Many of you know that Stef and I have been planning a 40th birthday party for Court for some time.  It took place this last Saturday.  In honor of Court's love for Rachel Alexandra, 2009 Horse of the Year, the party had a western theme.  It was complete with a horsey bouncy house, straw bales, cowboy boots, horse shoes, cowboys hats, etc.  Many of Court's friends and family came to help celebrate.  It was a gorgeous day with the sun shining and a slight breeze; it couldn't have been more perfect. 

The day was full of surprises.  Her best friend flew in with her family for 24 hours to be at the party and to help Court celebrate.  Thank you Alissa, Hasani, Aayden and Quinlyn!!  Her brother and his family drove 11 hours from Montana to help her celebrate.  Thank you Lloyd, Brenda, Kegan and Kilian.  Her niece flew in from Houston!  Thank you , Crystal! 

I made friends with some wonderful people in Kentucky who helped me with a birthday surprise for Courtney.  They sent her some Rachel Alexandra goodies along with some amazing music written and performed specifically for Rachel Alexandra.  Thank you, Corrie, Amy and Rachel and to the folks at The Sweetest Sound!!

We had so much help making the party a success.  Thank you to everyone who helped set up, watch the kids in the bouncy house, clean up, etc.  We couldn't have made it such a special day without all of the help.

Here are some photos from the fun in the sun!

 Birthday Eve cupcakes!
 In retrospect, it probably wasn't such a good idea to give Jack a cupcake while he was still recovering from his stomach bug.  I think he'd disagree though.  He savored every last bite of that icing and never touched the cake.
 Avery, the sugar fiend!!
 The horse bouncy house
 Happy Birthday sign that Stef masterminded
 Cowgirl Avery
 Cowboy Jack
 A quick photo op
 Old camping buddies and work buddies
 Stef and me with the birthday girl
Karla, Stef and Court
 Deb and LuAnn with their twin granddaughters and Court
 Court and Jenelle
 Avery loving the slip 'n slide.  Poor Jack slept through much of the afternoon so he missed out on a lot of the pictures and the fun.  He needed the rest though.

 Ready, set, blow!!
 Opening presents

A video of some of the fun on the slip 'n slide. Thank you, Karla, for bringing it. That was a great idea!

And eating cupcakes on Court's actual birthday: