Monday, August 30, 2010

"I'm not juice, I'm Sissy!"

Avery and Jack crack me up lately.  I love the conversations you can have with toddlers.  They have such open minds and they are so creative.  We were sitting at the table having some orange juice and some crackers.  Avery was playing with the tab from the orange juice container, put it on her finger and said, "I'm juice!"  I repeated what she said to make sure I understood her,then she said, "I'm not juice, I'm Sissy!!"  I just thought it was the funniest thing, especially coming out of her little mouth.  Here is the full clip.  She also puts her crackers in her juice and she looks at me knowingly then says, "that's not a good idea."

And another video of Avery talking about how she misses her friends. She lives such a deprived life...poor girl!  I try to whisper to her that she misses her Mum and she looks at me and says, "what is it?"  I keep trying to mouth it to her but she doesn't get it....

And a final video of Avery talking about her friends.  The sound is a little wonky because Jack is climbing on me and I'm having a hard time holding the camera.  I think I put my finger on the microphone part on accident.

And this is a video of Jack climbing on his bouncy ball to play with the ipod:

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Dress-Up and Fun Times With Friends

We are packing in as much as we can in these last few days of summer.  School starts soon and everyone will be back to the grind, including us.  Jack and Avery start preschool in September.  It's a co-op and they're not old enough for traditional preschool so they go one day a week and I go with them.  Next year they'll go for either 2 or 3 days a week and for a longer period of time each day.  They are definitely ready for the new experience and I think they'll enjoy meeting new friends and gaining some more independence.

Playing in Mum's new lounge chair from Nana and Bapa

They look like they are conspiring against me...

We hung out at Maren and Julian's last Wednesday with Nana and Bapa and Hansen and Lillie.  Jack spent most of the time outside throwing balls, kicking balls and hitting balls.  Avery enjoyed playing inside with Lillie and they were more than happy to pose for me for pictures.  They soon decided to go upstairs and put on a fashion show.  They are two peas in a pod!

Avery in one of Lillie's dance recital dresses

Another of Lillie's dance recital dresses

And Lillie in one of her holiday outfits

Somehow Avery discovered this Teletubby costume and Nana helped her put it on.  This is a costume Nana made for Preston when we was a toddler so it's about 10 years old!!

We visited Regina, Suzie, Katie and Betty this last week and Jack could hardly contain himself once he discovered Katie's Jeep in the backyard. 

The nice thing was that it hardly went more than 1 or 2 mph's in the wet grass so it was just their speed, rather just MY speed!!
 Then we had a visit from Cindi, Ian and Miles and enjoyed some play time outside at Rattlesnake Lake and some play time in the back yard.

Blowing leaves...who knew that could be fun?
And throwing rocks of course!!

I cut his hair the day before and I have some finish work I need to do.  I keep finding little patches that need to be trimmed, but thankfully he has the curls to hide my mistakes!

Elk poop!!


Static, Oh My!!

Video of throwing rocks at Rattlesnake Lake. It's such a beautiful place, I really need to go there more often, especially since it is only 10 minutes from the house:

Avery's dance moves with a little love-fest on poor Miles!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Lake Wenatchee 2010

We spent a long weekend (Thursday through Monday) on our annual camping trip to Lake Wenatchee in Eastern Washington.  The nights were rather cold but the days were relatively sunny and warm.  The kids are getting better at entertaining themselves and keep themselves out of danger.  They're still a handful and have to be watched at all times, but they listen better and really enjoy following their older cousins around and doing whatever they do.

Jack climbing on the big toy at the campground

Camping is not complete without playing in the dirt a little bit

She was having such fun sitting in the dusty dirt, spooning dirt all over herself.  She was so filthy in the end!

But she was having such fun, I couldn't stop her!

Jack checking out the view from atop the big rock.  He thinks he's as big as the "big kids" and wants to do everything they do, including climb around on the big rock all by himself.  Maybe next year...

Posing on top of the big rock with (from left) Alex, Hansen, Jack, Lillie, Avery and Claire

Playing in the sand with cousin Miles

Annie, Auntie Sue and Court lounging at the water's edge

Hansen floating around in the chilly water

Claire and Hansen

More playing in the sand and water

Nana giving Sissy a ride on one of the floaties

Jack hanging out with Bapa

Lillie, Jack and Avery on a much safer "big rock".  Just their size!!

Taking 5 in the camper one afternoon.  They wore themselves out!!

Playing on a grassy hill in Leavenworth

Jack and Avery had already eaten their ice cream.  Avery noticed that Miles still had ice cream in his bowl. 

Miles sharing his ice cream with Jack.

And sharing with Avery, too.

Notice how close Avery is to Miles now.  She saw where the good stuff was and wanted to be as close as possible!!

Dirt?  On MY face?  No!!!

Auntie Annie with Avery

On the morning we left, Nana took the littlest campers off to the playground to blow off steam before our drive home

And a short video of Avery playing in the dirt!!  Julian took this one:

Sunday, August 1, 2010


My cousin, Annie, and her family came out for dinner and some jumping fun on the trampoline.

Ring Around the Rosie for the 204th time.
Avery and Miles stopping for a drink.

Alex taking a break from the jumping for just one moment.

And a video clip of more Ring Around the Rosie.  Auntie Annie and Claire were so tolerant of the repeated requests for Ring Around the Rosie!