Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat!

This year for Halloween Jack chose to be Woody from Toy Story and Avery wanted to be a witch.  This is the first year that they actually went trick or treating, too.  In year's past, they were either too little or too tired to make it out to go trick or treating.  I thought they might get spooked by all the decorations and by some of the costumes, but they were in awe instead.

On Saturday, we went with my folks and Auntie Steffie to the Halloween Train at the Snoqualmie Train Depot.  What fun!  We got to watch apple cider being made in an old cider press, we got to ride the train and we saw all kinds of other kids in their costumes on the train. 

On Sunday, we headed down to Puyallup once they woke up from their naps so that we could trick or treat with my cousin, Annie, and her three children.  It took Jack and Avery a couple of houses before they caught onto the way things work, then they were running up to the doors with the big kids.  Much to my embarrassment, Claire (Annie's daughter), reported to me that Avery was sticking her hand into the treat bowls for 2nds and 3rds.  We had to have a little talk about only taking one or two pieces of candy at each house. When we got back to Annie's house, it was clear that Avery had extra helpings because her pumpkin weighed about twice as much as Jack's pumpkin.  Jack had more fun looking at all the spooky decorations.  One house had a candy bowl with a talking skull in the middle of it.  Jack stood there with his nose mere inches from the skull trying to figure out how it worked and watching it talk back to him.  At several of the houses, Jack just followed the mass of kids up to the door and watched what was going on and didn't even get a piece of candy.  He was so interested in what was going on around him that he could have cared less about all the goodies he was forgoing!!

 Waiting in a local coffee shop until we were ready to get on the Halloween Train
 On the train!
 Best buds!!
 At Auntie Annie's house getting ready to trick or treat
 Jack was so excited he could hardly contain himself
 Mum with her little ones
 Claire, Avery, Alex, Jack and Miles.  Annie's kids were so good with and tolerant of Jack and Avery.  Avery insisted on holding Claire's hand for most of the trick or treating.

 Off we go to our first house!
Getting tips and tricks from their cousins!
And a short video of the fun...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Dress-up at Preschool

Avery and her tongue!
 Jack as a cross dressing firefighter??  Notice the choice of shoes...

 Avery can't have just one of anything, she needs all the necklaces and all the bracelets.

 ....and a fire hat!
And here she is so proud of her creation...with a nice snot trail wiped across her face, sorry.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Fun in Fitness and Caspar Babypants

Jack and Avery finished their art class last week and started their Fun in Fitness class this week.  I was a little nervous about this class because the parents are expected to remain in the lobby during the class.  They've never met the teacher and most of the kids were new to them as well so I thought they may be a little shy.  I shouldn't underestimate them, they did awesome.  They were never sad and stayed in the class the entire time and really enjoyed it.  They played with a parachute, instruments, scarves, balls, etc.  They both had a great time.  Jack dreaded the art class and spent more time inspecting the room (and locking himself inside closets) than doing actual art projects. 

 When art class was over, we headed over to the library to see  Caspar Babypants perform.  They are a local children's band and the lead singer/songwriter is from Presidents of The United States of America.  It was a great performance.  Jack and Avery were up dancing around and jumping most of the time.  If you have kids and have not seen this group, you should.  They are performing at many of the local libraries right now.

 They stood up next to each other and Avery wanted to hold Jack's hand while she danced.  Below is how they ended up, be still my heart!!

A short clip from the music performance:

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fall Fun

Lucky for us, Nana and Bapa have an apple tree in their backyard and Nana makes the best applesauce.  Nana brings the apples out to our house and Jack and Avery get to help make the applesauce.  They love it and we get to enjoy the end product, yum!

Trying to get a picture of these two together is just as hard as it's always been. 
 Sweet Sissy lovin' on her brother.  He's loving all the attention!
 Visiting Swanson's Nursery with Ian and Miles.  They had a koi pond in their cafe and the fish were enormous.  Jack and Avery were fascinated, especially since the fish came right to the surface and opened their mouths begging for food.  If they got too close, they would back up and drag everyone away from the wall with them. 
 Next, we visited the chickens at Swanson's.  Miles boldly reached into the coop and got a little peck from the black chicken.  He jumped but otherwise wasn't bothered by it.  Jack, on the other hand, was upset.  Anytime after that when someone got too close (as defined by Jack) to the coop, Jack would grab their shirt and yank them away from the cage. 
 Trying for a photo op with friends. (Jack, Ian, Avery and Miles)
 Patiently waiting to sink their teeth into the cupcakes at Uncle Julian's birthday party.
 Bath time!!
 We've had some beautiful, warm Fall days this last week and we've taken advantage of it.  Here they are swinging at the local park with Mt. Si in the background.
 And another trip to Swanson's Nursery.  Peek a boo, Jack!!

And of course, video from the last several weeks:

Hiding from Mama, then getting chased.  It's such fun!!

After Swanson's with all their twin friends (12 in total), 10 kids ended up back at Cindi's house (with their parents) for more play time and some dinner.  We put mac & cheese and pizza in front of them and there was silence...

Discussing names in the tub one night.  Avery's expression towards the end cracks me up.  She's such a goof sometimes.  Then Jack ends the fun by throwing a soaking wet washcloth at me, lovely!