Sunday, December 12, 2010

Normal or Extreme...

This is the question I ask myself when I watch Jack move, jump, run, hop, kick, and tumble through his day.  It seems that the last few weeks, he's been more active than usual and I have some examples to share, and just keep in mind that he's 2 1/2 years old:

 Scaling the 20 foot tall bouncy ladder at Katie's birthday party...
 He wanted me to turn on the tv so he could watch a moooooveeeee, PLEASE!  I told him the remote was above the tv and I wasn't going to go get it.  He said, "I get it for you!".  I was on the couch and watched as he climbed over the gate into the tv space.  He turned around to look at me and said, "Mom, don't lay (say) NO!"  I didn't lay no and I continued to watch him just to see if he could do it.  The remotes are always on the built-in cabinet above the tv.  I witness him turn around and face the tv, then lean his body out (as if rock climbing) to see where the remote is.  His hands are patting the cabinet above his head.  He grabs a remote and shows me, but it's the wrong one.  He was not to be stopped, he kept patting and leaning and looking until he got the right one.  Once he had it, he climbed right back over the gate and brought it to me and said, "I watch a moooveeee now?"  How could I say no?
This little escapade was a bit more disturbing and panic-inducing.  I was changing Avery's diaper in the other room and I hear Jack say, "Mom, I way up high!"  He often says that when he climbs the stairs or stands in the hallway upstairs so I just commented to him that I heard him.  The next thing I hear him say is, "Mama, heeeelp mee!"  I jumped up to see what he was doing and I find him on the OUTSIDE railing of the stairs at the very highest point, so top left of the picture.  I scrambled up the stairs and pulled him over to the other side and he was no worse for the wear.  I've since purchased some plastic to somehow affix to the lower railing so that he can't get his feet in the railing and climb all the way up from the bottom again.

The last three examples don't have any pictures, but they're still good stories.  He now climbs into the window in his bedroom without any step stool or leverage.  He just jumps up and locks his elbows and then somehow gets his little body up on the window sill.  He thinks it's fun to stand in the window (sometimes naked) and look outside at what's going on.  The window is on the second floor.  We have locking windows, but don't want to run the risk of him flying out because the windows pop out of their frame, so we've now purchased a window guard to keep him from climbing into the windows....I hope.

He climbs up onto his dresser in his room and jumps onto the bed while yelling, "to infinity and beyoooond!"  Avery is closest to the dresser, so unless she moves he has to jump over her to land on the bed and not her head. 

And lastly, during baths the other night he decided to get on his hands and knees and stick his forehead in the water.  He would sit up and laugh at the water running down his face.  I was distracted by Avery and the next thing I know he's upside down and submerged, while doing a somersault in the tub!  He got up rather quickly, sputtered a bit then laughed.  Then he did it again and again!! 

I'm a little desensitized to his craziness, but I often wonder if this is normal boy behavior or if Court's right and he have a future Shaun White (extreme snowboarder) on our hands!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Santa 2010

This year's Santa picture was a bit more of a success than last year's.  Last week they had their hair cut so we stopped by just to say hello to Santa and talk to him a bit.  He gave them candy canes and asked them what they wanted for Christmas.  They warmed up a bit to him by the end.  I've been talking to them since about next time when we go to see Santa, we'll get our picture taken with him.  Avery didn't like that at all and said, "I don't want to sit on Santa's lap, he's scary!"  We finally negotiated that she could stand next to him.  Jack simply wouldn't discuss it.  When I told him we were going to go see Santa today, his response was, "You have money in your pocket?  I ride on race car?"  All he cared about was the little car he could ride on at the mall!! 

As we approached Santa, Jack grabbed onto my leg with both hands and both legs (I'm holding Avery), so I've got one kid in my arms and they other one is dragging behind me with his face buried in my leg.  I look up and see the photographer watching us.  He leans over to Santa and says, "we've got a couple of shy ones coming right now!"  We went over and said hello and in a matter of about 30 seconds Jack was sitting on Santa's lap rather happily.  Avery stayed true to her word and would not get on his lap for anything.  Santa clearly has done this a time or two because he slid the rocking horse right over and Avery climbed right up.  Phew!!  Disaster averted.  They took some pretty silly shots and many of them were with Avery's tongue hanging out.  This is the best one we got and I think it turned out alright!! 

Much better than the one we took last year!!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

December Fun!!

We've had a fun weekend and are getting into the holiday spirit. On Friday, we met Cindi, Ian and Miles downtown and rode the carousel and watched another performance by Caspar Babypants. Jack and Avery loved the music and danced right along until they grew bored and Jack tried to climb up onto the stage. We made a hasty exit after that!

Yesterday we went to Katie's birthday party at KidzBounce, a bouncy place nearby. Katie turns 7 on December 24th, but they celebrated her birthday yesterday before the actual date. Jack and Avery were in heaven! Jack didn't want to stop bouncing and climbing and Avery kept running back to the eating area saying, "It's almost cake time!" That's all the girl wanted, cake and frosting!!

There are several videos and some are rather long...

Jack is a monkey and impressed Court and me with his climbing abilities. He never tired out and he never lost his grip or his footing.

Avery did an awesome job climbing, too. She held her own while playing with Katie and kept up with her fairly well.

Jack got tired of climbing through the bouncy toy so he decided to go through it backwards...

And lastly, here is Avery enjoying her chocolate cake. Why use a fork when you can just use your tongue?!

Thursday, December 2, 2010


Jack and Avery had last minute haircuts today.  I've been trimming Avery's bangs and trying to keep Jack's hair trimmed, but they were due for real haircuts.  They acted like it was something they do all the time.  They picked out their chairs and promptly played away with the toys in the bucket they were given.  We were in and out of the salon in about 20 minutes.  It was fabulous!  Jack's hair is a bit poofy on the sides so I'll probably fix that one day soon, but otherwise a great job, especially considering how wiggly they were throughout the process.
Enjoying their lollipops from the stylists who cut their hair.
And the balloons they got, too.

In order to view the entire screen of the video, you'll need to double-click on the image and view it directly via youtube
Pre-haircut fun:

Haircut in Process:

Post Cut in a sugar coma:

And playing with Mum while listening to Katy Perry: