Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Stuffies, Crayons, Snow and more

Avery has been really tired by lunchtime lately.  I think Jack's growing out of naps and Avery's not ready yet.  He ends up waking up at 7am and torments her until she wakes up.  If she had it her way I think she'd sleep until 8:30 or 9:00 in the morning.  Yesterday while I was cleaning up from lunch, I noticed her puttering about and finally looked to see what she was up to. 

She took every last stuffie out of her basket and lined them up against the wall.  I asked her what she was doing and she said she was putting them to bed.  They were tired and they needed a nap.

Then she proceeded to count each one of them.

Against my better judgment, I purchased some bathtub crayons and since Court is out of town this week, I'm trying to find fun and different things to do to change up our days and evenings.  I got the tub crayons out last night.  They were a lot of fun, but "easy clean-up" statement on the box wasn't  entirely true.  Had we only drawn on the tub and tiles and not touched the grout, we'd have been fine. 

 Avery drew pictures of the three of us. She got 2 eyes, a nose and a mouth on each of us.  We all got hair, arms and legs and she even added shoes to some and eyelashes and eyebrows to some.  Jack drew a rocket ship and a soccer ball and a basketball, he said. 

Videos of their bathtub art session:

This morning while I was getting ready I could hear them on the monitor talking to each other.  I knew Jack had looked out his window because he said, "Look Sis, it's snow time!!""  The snow has been falling all day and it looks like a winter wonderland out here.  We'll probably go back out this afternoon as long as we can stand the cold.

Video of our snow time outside:

Our attempt at a snowman.  We got derailed lookng for eyes for him.  We remembered to bring carrots out for the nose...

This video was taken a week or so ago.  Jack is forever finding himself in precarious positions.  He climbed up into the window and because he wasn't in serious danger, I let him stay up there and I wanted to see him get down on his own.  He eventually climbed down without any trouble...

And a few weeks back, Ian and Miles came out for a visit. They had a giggle and screamfest playing with this toy:

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Avery's Magnificent Memory!

We've chuckled at Avery's amazing memory for a while.  She doesn't forget a thing and even if you don't think she's listening, she is!  For the last several months while reading to her, if you flip the words around or use an "a" instead of a "the", she will correct you.  There have been a few times where she will recite a sentence or two of one of her board books or finish the page once you've started it, but tonight I was truly impressed.

We have a book called Hoot by Jane Hissey.  It's a hardcover book about 30 pages long and it's about some stuffed animals who discover an owl (stuffy) living amonst them.  We haven't read it in a month or so, but Avery picked it out for reading at bedtime tonight.  It was our last book before lights out and I opened up to the first page and didn't even utter a word; Avery read the entire page word for word without making one mistake.

Here is the excerpt:
It was the middle of the night, and all the toys should have been fast asleep.  But Little Bear was wide awake.

He leaned over and tugged at Robbit's ear.  "Wake up," he whispered.  "I heard a funny nosie."

"What sort of noise?" muttered Rabbit sleepily.

"Well, first there was a thump and then a Whooo," said Little Bear.  "Do you think it was a ghost?"

"Probably just the wind outside," said Rabbit, sitting up and starting into the darkness.
Then they both heard the noise.


"It doesn't really sound like the wind, does it?" said Little Bear nervously

What is just as impressive in my opinion is that she continued this way thoughout the entire book.  She didn't recite the rest of it perfectly but she recited about 80% or 90% accurate.  When her memory failed her, she would say, "What comes next?"  I would read the next sentence and then she'd be off again.    She rattled off sentences like, "He rummaged through the drawer for the flashlight, and set off to investigate."

At the end, I told her how impressed  and proud I was with her ability to recite the entire book and she said, "Thanks, Mama."  I think she was proud, too.