Monday, March 21, 2011

3 Years Old...

 Their birthday morning, opening one present before Mum had to leave for work.  Avery opened Jessie (from Toy Story) and Jack opened Buzz (also from Toy Story).  They were THRILLED!!

 Getting a good look at their birthday cakes.  Jack picked a Buzz and Woody cake and Avery picked a Dora cake.

 That would be Jack's finger sneakng frosting from Avery's cake
 Notice all the vertical lines in Jack's cake where he'd been sticking his finger in to get a taste or two or five of frosting!!
 Avery was a little more dainty about it, but still licked her fair share of frosting from her cake...
 Tinker Toys!!

 Party at Nana and Bapa's house with their cousin, Lillie who turned 8 three days later.

 Avery, Lillie and Jack.  Nana made all three cakes.  What lucky grandkids!!  Thanks, Nana!
 Proud of themselves for finding a way up onto the windowsill.

 Naked 3 year olds!
 In the new camper.  They thought they were pretty clever by mixing up their boots/

 Mum found dress outfits for them for Auntie Steffie's wedding.  It remains to be seen whether they will make the final cut, but Jack and Avery look pretty cute I think!
Blurry, but adorable!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Jumping (and climbing) Jack!

Jack is the topic of conversation for this post.  We've been out of our routine since last week was mid-winter break and we got snowed in for several days.  It's always an adjustment getting back into the routine.  Today was our first day back to preschool and that seemed to put Jack into hyper-drive.

I knew the day would come when he'd be able to do this, but I thought it would be more of a challenge for him than it ended up being...

Here is Avery while Jack is getting into mischief. She is trying to put a new puzzle together. It ends with Jack getting into mischief...he finds the butter dish on the kitchen counter.

The last video is a couple of minutes long. Jack opened the gate, went and got the stool, brought it into the kitchen, then proceeded to climb up onto it. I guess I don't need to keep the stools in the other room if he can just go get them himself...