Saturday, April 23, 2011

Spring is here....maybe?

We were out of commission for what felt like months, but I think it amounted to a couple of weeks.  Jack caught a cold, then Avery got it.  Jack never really got rid of the cough, then 2 weeks ago he got really sick with high fevers, a bad cough and he wouldn't leave my lap.  I ended up taking him to the doctor and she said it was probably the flu and pneumonia on top of that with an ear infection in the right ear.  He's never been on antibiotics before so I feel lucky that we've gotten this far without a major illness (other than colds and stomach bugs).  He perked up with the antibiotics and as he was turning the corner, Avery went downhill with the flu that he had.  Luckily she never got the pneumonia that he did, but she was pretty miserable too. 

Everyone is healthy now and we've been busy!  We had a birthday party to celebrate Ian and Miles' 3rd birthday (before the bugs hit).

We went hiking at Twin Falls on the first dry day in a long time....

We had family come stay with us last week.  Court's cousin, Mel, and her family came to hang out and visit over their spring break.  Jack was in heaven playing with her boys the entire time.  Avery warmed up a bit, but just about everyone morning when she woke up she told me she was a little shy, but she liked Auntie Mel.  She was shy of Colton, Keaton and Mel's husband, DeVon.  By the end, she came around and everyone got hugs goodbye!!  They're on their way back to Salt Lake City now and we miss them already!!

While Mel's family was here, I snuck away with the kids for an overnight with other 3 year-olds and their moms.  Cindi rented a house in Mt. Vernon that fit all of us and we had a great time.  The kids played their little hearts out.  In the morning we drove to the tulip fields and admired all the beautiful flowers.  It was freezing cold and the kids were all crabby so we lasted about 20 minutes before we left.  Poor Court, Mel and group made the drive up from North Bend that morning to meet us (2 hours) and then turned around and drove back after a half an hour. 

8 of the kids at the rental house.  We stayed over on Thursday night, but another group showed up on Friday for round 2.  If we'd been able to all stay there together, it would have been pure mayhem.  I think it would've been 14 kids altogether!!

Auntie Mel and Colton looking at flowers with Jack and Avery.  You can seee Keaton off to the left of the picture.

Monday, April 11, 2011

3 Year Check-Up

This morning was an early day for us.  Jack and Avery had their 3 year check-up and we all had to be in Issaquah by 8:30am.  Lucky for us, Jack and Avery wake up with the sun and now that the sun comes up earlier, so do the kids.  Poor Jack has another cold with a snotty nose, cough and a fever.  He's taking it like a trooper.  It's so strange to see him so still and quiet when he's sick.  I got them up and dressed this morning and I took Aves to the potty and when I got back to their room he was still lying down in the same spot I left him.

Jack - 33 lbs 13 oz - 50-75th percentile
Avery - 32 lbs 13 oz - 50th percentile

Jack - 39 3/4" - 95th percentile
Avery - 38" - 75th percentile

Jack:  15% - 10-25th percentile
Avery:  16% - 50-75th percentile

They got one shot and little Avery just whispered, "owww, owww, owww", for her poke.  Jack was fragile from being sick and did fine until he felt the sting and cried, cried, cried.  All the way to the car, he kept saying, "It hurt Mom!  It hurt!"

They're on track for all their developmental milestones which is always reassuring.

I don't think I've blogged about this, but I'm so proud of both of them for being officially potty-trained, too.  Avery decided in the same week we started with no diapers that she didn't need them at bedtime either.  I haven't put them on her at bedtime and she hasn't had one accident.  Jack still wants a diaper at bedtime, but otherwise they are in big kid undies now!  Yeah!!

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Easter Bunny Pictures

I thnk I had more fun this year doing bunny picture than Jack and Avery, although, looking at the pictures it is evident that they had a blast.  When we were driving home Jack said, "Mommy, that was really fun at the bunny's house!!

The link to all the pictures is to the right, but I'll put some of my favorites here...

 The photographer put a bunny stuffy on her head and had it "accidentally" fall off.  She did it several times and they thought it was hilarious!!
 I think this is my favorite picture of the two of them together.  And Avery with her ever-present tongue, I love it!!
 She asked them to kiss each other it was comical to watch. 

 Waiting so properly for a kiss on the cheek from her brother!

 No trace of a baby, or even a toddler in that face.  He's all boy now.
 And he has smile that is infectious!

 And those cheeks!!
She's becoming a little lady, for sure!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Haircuts and Trampoline Fun!

The kids got their hair cut on Friday in anticipation of Easter pictures next week.  We always have fun playing at the mall afterward....

 These big balls are new to the mall and I think the kids thought they were more fun than the $.25 rides in the race car.
 My sweet little girl who is getting so big and grown up!
The cool braids the stylist gave Avery after her hair cut!

Last week we had our annual birthday party with our twin friends.  These are the families that we met in our "Preparing For Multiples" birthing class.  We were only missing 2 of the families.  There are 16 3-year-olds in the picture below.
 I'm amazed that one of the staff members was able to get this picture where nearly everyone is looking in the direction of the camera!

 Avery jumping with one of her best buds, Miles.

And today it is raining , raining, raining.  It's been raining for what feels like months.  We found a fun indoor activity for the kids and we all had a blast.  We went to Sky High Sports in Bellevue.  It's a place that is wall to wall trampolines. 

 Happy kids after an hour of bouncing and jumping...
Fun fun fun!!!

And they also have a pit of foam squares that you can jump into.  I got a few videos of Jack and Avery leaping in.  Avery's jumps are tentative, but oh so cute.  Jack jumps with all his might, as you would expect Jack to do!

In this video, Jack gets major air and has so much fun that he quickly jumps right back in for a second time without going back to stand in line.  I stopped the video right before he jumps!!