Thursday, May 12, 2011

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Visit to Auntie Crystal in Houston

We just returned from a sunny and warm visit to Houston.  Court's niece, Crystal lives in Houston and we've not been to visit her as a family so we made the trip over the Mother's Day weekend.  Crystal just had a pool installed in her back yard the week before we arrived so guess what we did while we were there!  I think Jack and Avery will forever associate Auntie Crystal with her swimming pool or as Jack calls it, her fwimming cool!  And yes, Courtney was there, too.  She happens to be taking many of the pictures but there aren't any of her actually in the pictures.  I think Crystal took one of the 4 of us with her phone, but that's probably it!

  Some perks of Court's constant travel is that we get to take advantage of Alaska Airline's VIP room at Seatac when we travel.  Here we are watching all the planes and eating pancakes...I absentmindedly left my coat (with the car keys inside) here and luckily they kept it safe for me so that we could pick it up when we arrived on Sunday night.
 Watching the planes...
 On our airplane, watching Toy Story 2

 A little nap before we land in Houston
 And the wonderful pool!
 Avery wanted to help Crystal plant some flowers
 Crystal came back from the hardware store with some noodles, too!!
 She still has a good frumple face!!
 Pretty flowers
 Snuggling with Auntie Crystal and her friends Blake (left) and Summer (right)
 Jack was the first one up every morning, so we hung out and ate breakfast and visited together until everyone else woke up.
 We visited the Houston Zoo.  It was amazing.  We saw lots of animals and the weather was warm but there was lots of shade and a nice breeze. 
 Best buddies.  Auntie Crystal had a constant shadow while we were there.  Avery didn't want anyone else to buckle her into her carseat or take her to the potty or sit next to her at dinner.  It had to be Auntie Crystal!

 Eating some Dip 'N Dots with Auntie Crystal
 Watching cartoons one morning
 bedtime cuddles with Auntie
 Cooling off in the shade after some swim time

 Conked out in Auntie's super comfy bed at nap time.  Notice the bungee cord in Jack's hand.  Crystal used a bungee cord to keep the door to the pool locked.  Jack caught sight of it and had to have one of his own. 
 We took a walk to the park at the end of the street.  It was a warm afternoon.  Jack's cheeks are all pink from running around.

 Avery walking back home from the park with Auntie Crystal
Same outfits, but this is the flight home from Houston...they are excellent travelers.

I have lots of video of the kids in the pool, but Jack wouldn't keep his swim shorts on so there are very few that I can share. Here are a couple of videos that are safe!