Saturday, August 13, 2011

Festival at Mt. Si

We made it out to the Festival at Mt. Si to see the parade this morning.  The kids were so excited to get some candy, they could hardly stand themselves.
 We arrived about 30 minutes early to assure ourselves a good spot and it was the longest 30 minutes ever!!
 Here they come!!
 Their hands over their hearts as the flag passed.
 Everyone clapped and there were lots of "thank yous" from the crowd
 Okay, so now where is the candy?
 Saying cheese with Mum
 Finally what they've been waiting for!!  Someone is bringing the sugar!
 Avery loved watching the drill team, but when she saw the cheerleaders from the high school she acted out their routine along with them.  They had pom poms and I know Avery wanted to get her hands on some so she could dance around with them!!

 Jack really enjoyed the marching band, but was enthralled with the singing/chanting and drumming of the Snoqualmie Indian Tribe.  He loved it!
 The fire truck sprayed all the kids.  It wasn't even that warm and all the kids took off running toward the water!
 Avery tried, but decided it was too cold.
Jack wasn't interested at all...

I'm happy that we made it through the entire parade and everyone was happy at the end.  Only a few complaints of tired feet, but otherwise a success!!!