Thursday, September 22, 2011

First Day of Preschool - Alligators!

I know it is common practice these days to have your kids hold a sign with the date and their grade and the name of their school and I'll probably regret not doing it, but I just couldn't bring myself to do it.  It's about as rebellious as I get, watch out!!

We talked a lot about preschool in anticipation of the first day.  Jack seemed like he was okay with whatever happened, but Avery was nervous about going and Mommy not staying with her.  It's a coop preschool so I'll spend some days there, but not the first day.  Lucky for us, they let parents stick around for the first 20 minutes or so.  I followed her around, well she dragged me around mostly.  I watched Jack going from spot to spot and look up to see where I was then continue on exploring.  Teacher Amy called everyone to circle time and Avery was all over it.  She was raising her hand and yelling out answers and singing along to songs she'd never heard before.  When circle time broke up I told her I was going to leave if she was comfortable and she looked over her shoulder and said, "Bye Mommy!"  Jack did the same.  I came back to get them at the end and both greeted me with big grins and lots of stories. 

Before we got into the car, I had to take a few pictures...

 Oops Avery, I caught you blinking, let's do a couple more.
 Can you guys act like you like each other?
 I should have stopped here, but I was hoping for a close up of the two of them

 Jack losing focus and Avery trying to cooperate
 Avery is trying to get her arm around his neck so they can look like buddies.  She's a bit frustrated.
 Jack can't stand to be confined so he didn't want Aves' hand around his neck.
 Now she's really sad.  She said, "I just want us to be buddies for the picture"
 Jack apologizing...
 Working on cooperating...
And this is the end of my efforts.  Jack saying cheese while looking out the back window and Avery holding her eyes open so she doesn't blink for the picture!!