Friday, October 28, 2011

Motorcycle videos

Some people couldn't view the videos, so I uploaded them to youtube and posted them here:

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Playing in the leaves and a new motorcycle...

Gasp, three blog posts in two days.  I can't believe it.  I think some of it has to do with the fact that Jack and Avery haven't napped the last two days.  Tonight they were asleep before 6:30pm, I can't remember a time they've been to bed that early since they were infants.  Anyway, it leaves me time to blog in the evening! 

We are making the most of our sunny days and getting outside as often as possible.  We met up with Cindi, Ian and Miles at Rattlesnake Lake to throw rocks in the lake and to play in the leaves.

There's never been a tree/stump that Jack hasn't tried to climb.
It took him a couple of tries but he got up there all on his own.  And everyone followed right behind him!

Four little blondies...

Best buddies!  Avery and Miles have a little bond ;)

Leaf Angel

Court came home from a business trip today and promptly went out and picked up the motorcycle she found on craigslist.  I'm not sure who was more excited, her or the kids.  She promised them a ride on it when she got it.
Avery getting suited up

She looks so tiny next to Court
Ready to go!
Jack was admiring the big bike
Jack, ready to go
Sis, looking so cute!
Jack, wishing he could do it all himself

The first video is after Avery took her second ride on the bike.

And Jack, well he leaves no question in your mind whether he likes the bike!  This is after his first ride.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

First Field Trip and Pumpkin Carving

The first field trip was to Jubilee Farms in Carnation.  Wow, it's amazing how cold 36 degrees feels when you've just returned from 75 degree weather.  Brrrr.

 First, everyone had a little snack.  This is a picture of some of Jack and Avery's classmates
 And some of their other little friends, with Jack, Avery and Nana and Bapa in the background
 They are easy to spot in most of these pictures because they have their bright red hoodies on.
 After snack, it was a hay ride to the pumpkin patch to pick out yet another pumpkin!!

 Jack found his!!
This is about half of their class.  The other half of the class were all sick with a stomach bug.  Thankfully we came away bug-free!!  Yippee!  I can handle colds much better than puking.
 Learning about all the produce grown on the farm
 Checking out the pigs
 And the pigs checking out the kids!
 Then back home to carve the pumpkins we picked out a few weeks ago.  Jack thought the gooey insides were pretty cool.  Avery touched them once....then used a spoon from that point on.
 And she wore a kitty mask while carving!!
 Helping Bapa
 and helping Nana
Ta-da!!  Avery's is on the left and Jack's is on the right.  For some reason they scooped the guts out of each other's pumpkins then realized they were in the wrong places and carved their own.

Fall Fun and Disney World!

 Our favorite place lately is Fall City Farms.  We ventured back to meet up with Cindi, Ian and Miles to help them pick out pumpkins and hang out.
 Ian and Miles had the right idea, wearing their shades.  It was a bright, sunny day.
 Jack helping Miles pick out a pumpkin
 Avery posing for a picture for Miles.  He's a pretty good photographer if you ask me!
 Jack is in a new phase of sticking his tongue out for photos.  This too shall pass....right?
 Cindi and her boys on the hay ride!
 We also met up with the Slanes and Nana and Bapa for a birthday dinner for Julian.  Hansen was very gracious and let Jack sit with him for a bit.  I think the finger in the catsup might have been a little much, though!
 And then we were back to Fall City Farms on another bright sunny day, but this time with Auntie Steffie.  We helped her pick out a few pumpkins, too.
 Then it was off to Disney World!!  It was an early flight, but they did really well on the flight. 
 Avery does look a bit tired though.
 Sunset view from our hotel room
 My favorite app for the kids, PBS Kids.  They love Curious George!
 Dining area in the hotel/condo
 Jack and Avery's room that didn't get used except to store their clothes.  It was too scary in there, they said.
 And off to Magic Kingdom...

 On the tram to Magic Kingdom.  I had no idea the effort it takes to get inside the park.  Tram from parking lot, stand in line, monorail to entrance, stand in line, then enter the park.  It's at least a 30 minute undertaking. 
 Finally inside!  It looked beautiful with all the fall colors and the Mickey head pumpkins everywhere.
 Yeah, the tongue is in the mouth!
 This was as close as Jack wanted to get to the characters.  He wanted a safe distance between himself and them.  They creeped him out.

 This is a woman dressed as a tree or a branch.  It was amazing to watch.
 Giraffe at the Animal Kingdom
 I thought they were called Antelope, but the guide said they were Gazelles.  They were miniature and very tiny

 The boy was so tired he couldn't even finish his bite of popcorn.
 If you look closely you can see Avery peeking at me from inside her stroller.  She didn't want to rest.
 Yahoo!  Avery finally got to meet Minnie.  If you could pan right, you would see Jack about 10 feet away glued to the spot where I left him ready to have a panic attack.  The people behind him in line were trying to encourage him to go meet Minnie.  He ended up in tears.  He said he likes the characters on the movies but the real ones freak him out.  So, no picture of Jack with any characters!
Minnie gave her a big kiss after this picture.  Avery was so proud!  She keeps asking me to get the picture so that I can put it in her book.  She wants to see her picture next to Minnie's autograph.