Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Christmas 2011

I am a delinquent when it comes to this blog.  I really have no excuse other than that I haven't made the time, maybe a New Year's resolution is in order!!  Anyway, here is a highlight of the last month...
A family Christmas photo at the tree farm

 Our tree, and some wet and soggy kids
 Court got the most wet of all of us because she had to crouch down to cut the tree down.
Avery's last night in her cast.  It was removed on Dec 1st!
 Girls' Day (and one boy) at Auntie Steffie's house
Evening in downtown Seattle,  Aves and one of her favorite people. 
 Checking out the amazing gingerbread houses
 Snowflake Lane in Bellevue
 Waiting for the music, the drummers and the snow to fall!
 Christmas Eve and Nana and Bapa's before the toast.  I can imagine a number of things she might have been thinking...
 Yeah for Christmas!!
 Cute girls on the couch (Lillie, Abbi and Avery)
 Cousins goofing off for the camera
 Family Photo
 Jack in his new double-sided batman/spiderman cape made by Nana.
 Tubing is awesome!!
 Ready for another run!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Holiday Spirit!!

Here are some videos showing Jack and Avery getting into the holiday spirit...

Anticipating the "snow fall" at Pacific Place

Avery watching Santa at Pacific Place

Avery chasing down the snow at Pacific Place

Jack playing with the snow at Pacific Place

Jack singing Christmas songs

And Jack singing some more (Avery wouldn't cooperate for the camera)