Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Mt. St. Helens

We spent last weekend on a camping trip to Mt. St. Helens and the pictures are worth sharing...
 The devastation left behind is unreal and to know that it happened over 30 years ago makes it even more amazing.
 The ride back to the campground...I turned around and saw this.  Jack likes it to be dark when he sleeps and this is his solution!  He also insisted on sitting in his sister's car seat and she finally gave in and let him.
 Sacked out!
 Playing at the campground
 We found a state park to play at and have a picnic.  They are dancing and doing karate all at the same time

 We are watching Jack's "performance"
 Avery discovered cool cook stoves at the park
 Then we found the swings and they wanted to do under-dogs
 Avery said, "Number 1 was scary, number 2 was a little scary and number 3 was fun!!"
 They won't sleep in their beds in the camper, they prefer the floor!
 bike riding around the campground
 Jack's ready to ride without training wheels but he took a few spills and felt more comfortable with them back on for now.  By the end of summer, I think he'll be riding without them!
 They were thrilled to see their kid-sized camp chairs, but there was some negotiation over which color belonged to which kid
 Swinging with Mum
 A game of Big Foot Croquet with super-sized mallets and soccer balls.  You can see one of the "goals" in the background.  We made up our own rules, and had lots of fun!

 Smiling at something Court said!
 This was Avery's dialogue...."and she gets ready to shoot!"
 "And she scores!!!!!"
 "And the crowd goes wild!!!"  (thus the hands in the air)
 Next, time to ham it up with the soccer ball.

 Jack re-injured his owie and had to come show me
 He was trying to be sad....
 But he just can't help but smile!!
 Little adventurers